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3.5mm jack iphone

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If you want to purchase 3.5mm jack iphone, this is your best place to buy it. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. View more by looking at 3.5mm jack speakers, 3.5mm jack connector. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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3.5mm jack iphone Customers Reviews

  • Great wooden set

    posted by alexxni

    Very nicely package, for start. The package includes many different sizes of rubber earpieces. The cable is not rubber, very easy to untangle even if it gets tangled. The earpiece itself is real wood, I guess this contributes to the awesome sound quality. These are really loud, but pleasant at the same time. I am very satisfied.
    Considering the price, these are my favorite earphones ever! The cable is covered in fabric, wood makes it sound good, the bass is nice..
    I thought you could not buy any quality for this money, but I was wrong. these are the best I have ever used.. I am not an audiofile, but my impression is WOW
  • A perfect quality connection.

    posted by istvan.jablonkai

    Excellent quality and build.You would get the very same from an Apple store.The price is also amazing.Though I will never use this for it's lenght but who knows?:)
    I needed this especiall because only this apple-sized narrow plugs could be plugged in my VAPOR element case steel bumper so not any other usual 3.5 audio jacks could be plugged in my phone.
    Recommended for anyone who needs a narrow plug AV-in line cord. (I needed it to listen to podcasts in my car)
  • Very impressive headset

    posted by michelled

    Bought these headphones for my daughter and now wish I had a pair myself! She wanted over the ear headphones because the small apple earphones don't stay in her ear and get painful after a while. I am not a fan of them either as they can damage eardrum easily. and their noise cancellation is horrible. This Kanen Craftsmanship is surprising for such a low price. comparable to Beats headphones (only 90% less in $) also, this product has a feature for answering phone and skip/play/stop songs directly from the cable instead of having to reach (!!!) so far in your pocket to get to your ipod! Biggest Pro: the cable is not plastic but very very nice nylon thread. very vintage. very nice!
    this purchase is making me want to explore other products by Kanen.
    Impressive quality. Great price. Very cool look. oh and noise reduction is AMAZING!!! A great pair of headphones for a very very low price!
  • Decent price/quality

    posted by nietie

    - Cheap- Stylish- Easy to use
    I bought about 3 different earphones from DX. I chose this one because it looks pretty cool with the black and white cable. Compared to the others I bought the sound on this one is ok. Though the cable is pretty weird, its not really flexible making it entangle really easily. So if u put it loose in your pocket or bag, prepare to be entagling it every time. The price for what you get is pretty good. Though I would not buy it again.
    Good headphones for its price. The sound is ok but for music you will hear the difference from higher quality headphones easily. The cable is not flexible and will entangle easily.There are some minor problems so I suggest to buy another one at this price range or pay a bit more. Unless you really like the looks of this one, then they are fine.

    posted by DaylightDies

    Specs are right.Drive: 11.5mm- Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz- Impedance: 16ohm +/- 15%- Sensitivity: 110dB +/- 3dBIf you read specs like this, you could think they are lying because of price, but everything is true.This thing sounds like hell!! Brutal volume level!! (110 DB at 16 ohm) Bass-mids-treble are present, we won´t expect audiophile quality at this price, however this IEM are really good for those who want a great VOLUME + GREAT BASS (for the price).Treble are shitty until now (need to burn in a bite more) mids are narrow but not shine.Bass dry muffled but strong.* Solid build, aluminium. Nice.* PRESENTATION IS AWESOME! nice box, ear tips replacements, manual in chinese.
    Since it costs 9 bucks this IEM is awesome for not audiophiles who want bass and great volume. Dubstep, Death Metal, etc.


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