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3.5mm jack adapter

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3.5mm jack adapter Customers Reviews

  • Works fine if you need to connect your new HDMI-only netbook to a projector

    posted by rpianta

    It works in most situations, light and nice.
    Don't try to use it to connect other regular video devices with HDMI output since it's made for the specific requirements of a PC output. I tried to connect my cable box to a regular monitor and it did not work.
    Good choice, but maybe the models that look like a cable can be better due to the issue of covering the side connectors.

    posted by nukeon

    High quality video output, it works! and audio jack is very usefull if you need to connect headphones or other audio system.Other pros thing... is small and you can savo on your trousers.HDMI output is the best of this, is faster and i can watch with more quality my games without reduce TV settings options.The best I think is the price, i have found it in other webpages and shop, but i cant find better.
    Can improve the traveling time?And can inform the user about Localizator or email with the pack situation?
    Recommended to buy. Cheap, and working Ok.
  • Then help when needed

    posted by AleX30003

    Easily helped me connect the Playstation 3 and the LCD monitor. There is a connector for audio output 3.5 Jack. The transmission quality of the image was very good. Connectivity problems have arisen.
    When I needed to connect the PS3 to the monitor LCD - this device really helped me. I enjoyed them not very long - later bought a large LCD TV and a no need for it anymore.
    The price is affordable. There is a separate audio output - which does not exist in many analogues. Good transmits images and sound.
  • Perfect for phone speech recording

    posted by iccyy

    This is the one that fit my needs squarely. Telephone Ansering phone used to have a button to record coversation as accesory to remember what have been discussed, especially in foreign language. All new phone have such features removed due to silly laws.It is simple, clear (contrary to several of the forum reports which use computer audio card as input, but use it improperly) using standard speech recorder mic input.I opened up to have a look... nothing of any interests, but work. With only so few components, it should be priced at $1 instead of $3. But DX has getting expensive.
    Many time haveing to call for customer supports on product issues and get lost in coversation. A recorded conversation may be played back to review details. Very useful for extra-old man like me who tends to forget everything.But remember, the other party must be granted the consent specifically for the recording and its use. Anything beyond the declared intended use of the tapping not only reflect the character of the user, is also against the law.Just feel how would you react if the other party taped the conversation without asking for your permission.
    Well, still feel being sucked paying $3 for it.
  • Good value!

    posted by HardHammer

    Great price! Quantity! Gold color. They all work.
    I was searching adapters on the net, when i saw this package. 10 pieces for less than 5$ is a great bargain! I was a bit surprised by the light weight as my old adapter was heavier. But it doesn't matter. I have tested them all and they all work, and that's all that matter! I use them for my headphones so as long as they work i'm happy!
    Overall they do the job well! If you regularly loose you adapters, you cannot go wrong with this package!


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