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3.5mm jack adapter

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3.5mm jack adapter Customers Reviews

  • Very Compact Unit - Can Use USB Port to Provide Power

    posted by shadowchb

    Small and compact. Comes with USB power cable to use USB port to provide power, and stereo audio cable to port audio. Each cable approximately 3 feet long.
    Compact, easy to use converter
    Small unit, small price.
  • Perfect for phone speech recording

    posted by iccyy

    This is the one that fit my needs squarely. Telephone Ansering phone used to have a button to record coversation as accesory to remember what have been discussed, especially in foreign language. All new phone have such features removed due to silly laws.It is simple, clear (contrary to several of the forum reports which use computer audio card as input, but use it improperly) using standard speech recorder mic input.I opened up to have a look... nothing of any interests, but work. With only so few components, it should be priced at $1 instead of $3. But DX has getting expensive.
    Many time haveing to call for customer supports on product issues and get lost in coversation. A recorded conversation may be played back to review details. Very useful for extra-old man like me who tends to forget everything.But remember, the other party must be granted the consent specifically for the recording and its use. Anything beyond the declared intended use of the tapping not only reflect the character of the user, is also against the law.Just feel how would you react if the other party taped the conversation without asking for your permission.
    Well, still feel being sucked paying $3 for it.
  • Sounds a bit wonky - crackles lots if you move the cable

    posted by morbo86

    It's super cheap. I mean you cant beat the price. It works BUT it has one issue.
    If you need something to listen to a little bit, then get it. If you want a device that you listen to for hours and hours, I would get something a little better quality, as the static and crackling can get annoying.
    Get it if you need something cheap, but if you plan to use it a lot, I would avoid. Quality of sound being the biggest issue.
  • Ok for "stationary" use

    posted by Macatax

    Have a really cool look and great design. When you insert the 3.5 male it "clicks" into place confirming you've succesfully connected.
    These adapters works fine if you won't be using them while moving around eg. playing an instrument. They need to be stationary to give 100% connection.
    OK product for the price though it suffers from some connectivity issues.
  • Robust little device

    posted by burito

    VGA out image quality is very good, at least as good as any other VGA source.Audio quality is good too.It takes 5v, you can get cables to take this from a nearby USB port on the device in question.The device is solid, it feels like it's made of very thick plastic, I might be able to step on it and it would be undamaged. It does not rattle, everything is tight.
    This is the current pinnacle of cheap powered ways to get audio out of HDMI.Raspberry Pi users may need to use hdmi_safe=1
    No surprises with this device, it does exactly what it's supposed to do.


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