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3.5mm iphone microphone

Every single 3.5mm iphone microphone displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. You can also browse iphone microphone black and iphone jack microphone. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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3.5mm iphone microphone Customers Reviews

  • great earphones!!

    posted by eyaldayan

    Nice earphones, the sound is great.
    The build quality is good, and the cable is comfortably long.
    the over-all design looks good, the flat cable is nice.
    these earphones are better than other earphones i ever ordered on DealExtreme
    I would recommend these. A little expansive, but worth it.
  • Good product

    posted by ckaysen

    Good headset with nice sound. The microphone and the remote works as it should. The earplugs fits perfectly an comfortably in my ears. The length of the cable is perfect, and reaches from my phone in my pocket to my ears.
    Different sizes of earplugs would be good, because the headset does not fit in my little brothers ears.
    Very good product, for a fair price. I have no regrets buying it.But if you don't need the microphone and the remote, i suggest you buy another headset, because there are better headsets here on DX which is a lot better.
  • Well, it didn't work properly on my ZTE V880.

    posted by MsRed

    I found it to be a well-built product (considering the purpose and the price). The cord seems to be very durable and, thank God, it doesn't attract my cats as much as the standart round cord (I've had a few destroyed by them).
    On my ZTE V880, if I insert the plug all the way through, sound only comes out on the right side ear (only background sound, like a karaoke). If I leave it half way in, sound comes out clear, but only through left ear.
    It's probably a good purchase if you have an iPhone / iPad, but don't buy it if you own a ZTE V880.
  • Perfect headset adapter

    posted by Cityboy3

    _This adapter works perfect._$ 1,70 is in my eyes a extremely low price._The adapter has switch to accept calls._With 70 cm cable which enlarges the standard headset cable._Plug and play_With the microphone the callers understand me very well.
    None that I can think about..
    Perfect working adapter which enables me to use my standard non Apple headset on my iPhone 4S.With switch to accept calls and microphone.Also works with all other Apple products.
  • It's quite the phone

    posted by TheXaro

    It's a fine product. Looks really old, feels quite normal. It's not very heavy as you would expect, however the looks are just like the real old thing, which I really like. It's very easy to connect to any audio device, it's a normal jack plug. Audio quality is fine for talking.
    At the package it came from, it states that it should contain a volume button, I haven't found it on the actual product.
    It's a great product, looks very well and like the real thing. It is very easy to use and connect to the device, however it is too light to be the same thing.

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