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3.5mm ipad microphone

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3.5mm ipad microphone Customers Reviews

  • Very good sound quality

    posted by Unstoppable

    Quality is decent for the price. Butiful, light, not falling from my ear. Buttons seem to be "sweat-proof". Good carrying case. Very powerfull bass. Connector is gold-plated.
    Wish it had more ear plugs. User who is looking for a earphone for music listening while tasking, and occasional voice calling, this is a flashy and decently priced piece to get. really nothing else to say.
    If the look is important to you, buy it. I recommend them to buy for those who wants good level of bass.
  • Absolutely great

    posted by Pdunkel

    Super-good quality, easy to use, good sound quality, well built, quick and fast to use and install. Works great with iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, MAc, anything...
    If you do interviews, sing, record, do anything - buy this. I think I will buy a stand to this mike, too. This fits into any standard mike stand, I think.
    Very good, I like this. And I have already used it a lot! Works great, more than I expected. I can easily recommend this to anyone with a smart phone and a need to do quality sound recordings.
  • Good earphones for sport and other acticities

    posted by fox634

    I really like the cords, not easy to tangle. They survive the light rain and sweat pretty well. The total length of the cords is also sufficient and practical. I prefer to use them outside over my original ipod earphones.
    The sound quality is average but serves the purpose I needed (outdoor and sport usage). I can hear the incoming calls pretty well and they can hear me back.
    Very good value for your buck. I would purchase them again.
  • I liked so much

    posted by Nandocam

    It's very useful, the sound is great, the mic works perfectly and the size, its just the right size.And the price is perfect.
    It's perfect to listen music and talk with friends in skype.And came with the volume control, it's very useful.I just have cheers to make for this product and for DX.
    The phone that came with the IpodTouch, it's a suck, and if a buy for the Apple Store the price is very expensive.
  • Well, it didn't work properly on my ZTE V880.

    posted by MsRed

    I found it to be a well-built product (considering the purpose and the price). The cord seems to be very durable and, thank God, it doesn't attract my cats as much as the standart round cord (I've had a few destroyed by them).
    On my ZTE V880, if I insert the plug all the way through, sound only comes out on the right side ear (only background sound, like a karaoke). If I leave it half way in, sound comes out clear, but only through left ear.
    It's probably a good purchase if you have an iPhone / iPad, but don't buy it if you own a ZTE V880.

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