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3.5mm female adapter

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase 3.5mm female adapter here and you can save money at the same time. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. With your support, we can do better.
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3.5mm female adapter Customers Reviews

  • Cheap adapter for converting HDMI to VGA

    posted by skojevac

    This is a really handy adapter for converting hdmi signal to vga. It does the job though so far I could not get it to work with the high settings like 1080p so perhaps it’s not for professional presentation on a large tv panel. I primarily use it for testing and trying out pc’s since not everyone own latest generation of monitor with hdmi plug and the laptop I have and carry with me does not have vga since it is kind of considered obsolete. The picture is fine and audio clear
    It does need additional power so that’s less to carry around if you need to pack it up and use elsewhere to test someone’s monitor.
    The price makes this a must-buy.
  • 6.35mm Male to 3.5mm Female Converters Adapters (10-Pack)

    posted by thegianny

    I find these the best set of adapters for a great price. they feel real sturdy and connect fine in anu divice. Also the sound stays real clean. Needed one for every headphone in my studio. Now I have all i need (for now)
    Realy the best price for this amount and quality. I think you cant have enough of these adapters. Most quality headphones these days are delivered with adapter, but for shure you can lose one!
    I ya need em, buy these!
  • Robust little device

    posted by burito

    VGA out image quality is very good, at least as good as any other VGA source.Audio quality is good too.It takes 5v, you can get cables to take this from a nearby USB port on the device in question.The device is solid, it feels like it's made of very thick plastic, I might be able to step on it and it would be undamaged. It does not rattle, everything is tight.
    This is the current pinnacle of cheap powered ways to get audio out of HDMI.Raspberry Pi users may need to use hdmi_safe=1
    No surprises with this device, it does exactly what it's supposed to do.

    posted by B3N4K

    - Really works- Good sound quality
    I use this one with my mobile phone. I have got 3 of these adapters:- nokia original shipped with mobile --> waggling, sometimes loosing contact, quality of sound was poor- another one original nokia (shipped with mobile of my sister) --> same problems- one shipped with some samsung phone --> same problemBut this is different. It perfetly fits into the 2.5mm hole, waggle just a little (no big deal) but doesn't loose contact. Sound is good - playing music at Nokia E51 with this adaptor and music quality is almost the same as thru computer (little bit quieter, different tone of bass (but i guess it is becouse of shitty equalizer of my mobile)). I use magnifier (Tesla AZS 223) and big stereo repro (with separated bass and treble repros; around 50W at max) and sound is very nice, good-to-listen.In czech republic (that's where i live) sells these for around $10, so this is awesome deal for me :-)I bought two of these and i don't regret it at all!
  • Great product for the price.

    posted by 01viper27

    It took me over 2 weeks to looks for the rigt cable with the right tips. If I had known this then I would have saved all that time. Buying these eliminates the problem of looking for that specific cable with the right length and tip that is hard to find. You just simply use the same cord and change the tip for the application you need it for.
    There no cons on this product - only positive thoughts.
    Good product and price, its good to have a few spares for those unforseen situations.

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