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3.5mm female adapter

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3.5mm female adapter Customers Reviews

  • nice gadget to get apple tv on old lcd

    posted by Rafdabekaussen

    Good item used to connect apple tv to old LCD screen and to 3.5mm audio in of my portable speaker. (apple tv has HDMI out and Optical Out; using this device I get a video feed and an analog 3.5mm audio signal; which I can use together or separately)
    Don't understand the glitch in Cons
    Super inexpensive gadget to convert hdmi signal to analog audio and video for conventional VGA plugs.Buy recommendation
  • Useful Audio Adapter

    posted by dimitrisgno

    Very good Audio Adapter, it works as it supposed to do, very good size, it is convenient ans easy to use. It is very useful mainly for headsets that you want to connect with the standard 3.5mm Audio plug. It gives good quality to the sound and it looks resistant.
    There was no other way to connect the 2.5mm headsets to a device with the standard 3.5mm audio plug, it is very useful and helpful. It is designed in small size and you can easy use it anywhere you want.
    Useful Audio Converter 3.5mm Male to 2.5mm Female, working excellent with good sound quality.
  • High quality and well build

    posted by zdarkblade

    It has really great audio quality and is really well build. It feels that you got a better cable when it arrives and you touch it and connect it. And the price is really really low, as here in my country the usual price for that type of adaptors are higher than 10 Euros.
    I'm using it to put my headphones directly with my PS3 as my TV don't have any jack connector, so now I can connect it and play games without disturbing anyone in the house.
    If you are looking to buy an adaptor for a 3.5 mm jack to 2 RCA female buy it!
  • 6.35mm Male to 3.5mm Female Converters Adapters (10-Pack)

    posted by thegianny

    I find these the best set of adapters for a great price. they feel real sturdy and connect fine in anu divice. Also the sound stays real clean. Needed one for every headphone in my studio. Now I have all i need (for now)
    Realy the best price for this amount and quality. I think you cant have enough of these adapters. Most quality headphones these days are delivered with adapter, but for shure you can lose one!
    I ya need em, buy these!
  • Just what I was looking for!

    posted by Aritomo

    -Excellent sound quality (with the equipment I have, I couldn't notice any certain difference between headphones, connected directly to laptop and through this splitter. The only thing is that once 2 sets of headphones are connected, the volume level drops a bit - but I don't htinl it's possible to make it any other way)
    -Both resulting channels are stereo! (I expected it to work the old-fashioned way of splitting one stereo channel into two mono and was pleasantly surprised)
    -Looks expensive (even has a Philips print on it)
    Theoretically, since it splits the outgoing audio evenly, sending both channels on each terminal, that might mean, that if used for recording, both channels will be mixed so that each of the two mono channels of one stereo input will contain the sound of both sources. That is not that good for recording, but is ideal for live performances (i.e. having a live webcast of a guitar and voice - you won't have voice panned one way and the guitar another). However, I haven't been able to confirm that yet.
    One of the best buys I've had so far. This thingie should be in everyone's bunch of audiocables


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