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3.5mm dc 5v

These cool 3.5mm dc 5v are high quality and at affordable prices. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

3.5mm dc 5v Customers Reviews

  • Excelent sound but

    posted by Scrummer99

    Excellent sound for over 50 feet which is to the back porch.The sound is very clear.
    The same with the egg shape speakers. I have tghe USB 2.0 slots to run these speaker and would have wanted them to be rechargeable but fate wins.
    When the egg speakers wear out since I watch videos and listen to music at lunch 5 to 6 days a week so that is 5 to 6 hours of operation a week just at the office.Add dinner and breakfast times and when I have to use the computer for downloading investment information; the laptop and netbook will playing in the background (one will be)Average use per day between 2 to 5 hours until the rugby games begin then the use will 6 to 10 hours straight. I do not like the speakers in the desktop, laptop and netbook.
  • Mini UFO USB Rechargeable Speaker

    posted by ivonsir

    For me it was a great deal because my mp4 does not come with in-built speaker, so it was a good solution for me I bought it.
    Beautiful, is different and is not to sell easily, so very likely that you only have it! ^ ^
    It has a pretty high volume on the PC, acceptable in mp4's and the like, and good quality for being a portable device.
    The battery life yet I have not tested.
    The box that came from is different from the picture, but the product is the same.
    I bought and enjoyed it. A different option.
  • Sounds ok, works ok.

    posted by lordultra

    Really easy to use.Very small and cuteSounds is loud and pretty clearCharging via USB works fine
    There is no volume control, so you control that from your player.He sounds like an old AM radioThere is a red light (on his left cheek) that glows when it is turned onThe light goes green when the USB is plugged inIt came delivered chargedI will use it in my car with my iPhone so I can hear the GPS guy talking to me.
    Loud enough in a simple cute package.
  • Good product

    posted by skullbonejp

    - Plug and play. Just plug, and play =)
    - Rechargeable. Today almost every gadget used USB to recharge, so it is easy to use other USB charger for it.
    - Universal use. Any source that have a 3.5 output
    - Easy to carry. I carry on my pocket
    Its a cheap product that you can use everywhere anytime, I have used it so many times while out of my house. Great choice of portable speaker. I'm using it for more than 10 mouths and it didn't break or failed at me.
  • Great portable speaker

    posted by arrivedercifrog

    good price, well built, compact, Loud enough, sound comes clearly and nice, rechargeable,has indicator light to check when it's on and off.cute short cable is actually very useful so I think it's actually a pro (some people think otherwise)
    a lot cheaper than the ones in my country (about 1/3)
    Worth the money! Great to carry around!Also;Check out other colors too before deciding! They have black, white, pink, purple, orange and of course blue.

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