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3.5mm connection cable

Check out the great 3.5mm connection cable to see if there is any that suits you. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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3.5mm connection cable Customers Reviews

  • Useful

    posted by LigiaBalilla

    Good built quality.Flexible cable.Good finishing.Does not distort the sound or cause noises.Matches all my iPhone cables.Gets dirt easily (because it is white).The plug really looks like the Apple plugs.
    Even if the product description is not accurate, I think the 1cm difference is not something that comprimises the product or it's use.I wanted a small cable just to plug my iPhone on the AUX input of my car's radio, so it was perfect for me.
    Excellent cost-benefit relation.Good qualityI'd buy it again
  • Thankful for a good product.

    posted by HeyEww

    DX shipped my order even though it was just 1.70.It reached me in a few weeks. Although it was a long wait, it still worth it since I do not need it that urgently and most importantly, it was so cheap.Quality was pretty good and it was pretty. I bought the lime one and looks nice. Looks nice with my fiio amplifier. My fiio is black and this is white and lime. So they complement each other. The colour just matched. So cool.
    I believe this cool product will last. It looks well made.
    I will buy it again if it can last. If it does not last, I probably will not buy again. But I have purchased a lot of times from dx already and all the stuff havent broken down yet. So I believe that I will recommend to my friend if it lasts. If it lasts, i will tell my friend that it is good. And the shipping is free. Shipping without cost is enticing. It makes me want to buy or buy again. Worth the money and makes me want to review for dx. Thanks.
  • Great Cable for saving space

    posted by TheLaung

    I'm pretty happy about this product. It gives you clean audio and is sturdy. the build quality looks good. the 2 heads are solid and they don't seem to loosen after a while. the heads look better than a normal mp3 cable head. the cable has a flat profile.
    It's great for when you need a cable for example headphones, or a little extension. or to hook up speakers, ...
    it's a great product. but make sure you check for how long 94cm actualy is.
  • Very nice curly cable

    posted by jajpater

    I use this curly cable in my car to connect my phone to my stereo. The fact that it is curled helps to keep the cable untangled. It also takes less space since it automatically takes its curled position. I realy like its red color. It helps me to see the cable against the dark interior of my car. It's price is very good for what you get.
    I was fearful that the curls of this cable would fastly wear out and it would become a straight cable. But until now it still returns to its original position. The cable feels sturdy. I also like the plugs, which also look and feel sturdy.
    Just a good cable for a good price.
  • Awesome quality

    posted by Ribbon96

    -Cheap-Looks like a monster cable!-Looks nice-Good built quality-Looks like its made to beats (black,red, and white)-10 times cheaper than rel monster cable-feels the same, and looks the same!-its long (110 cm)-best monster.looking cable i^ve ever used
    Its a really good cable with good quality, and the sounds (bass, diskant) is really good. can hear the bass almost better with this than the monster cable
    if you are looking for a cable , both for your beats, and for your other headphones (or other devices) buy this one!its cheap, Good sound quality, and Looks so nice

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