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3.5mm cable green

Every single 3.5mm cable green displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. We recommend 3.5mm iphone cable, 3.5mm cable charger as hot products. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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3.5mm cable green Customers Reviews

  • foot-tested

    posted by mamert

    -Tough. You can step on them.
    -Cable is thick, nothing should snap inside too quickly.
    -Volume control is neither too loose nor too stiff.
    -I have put them through the same ordeals as my Philips SHS5200 (which have served me every day for 7 years). This included twisting them 500 degrees (were *slightly* deformed, but fixed by twisting the other way) and stepping on them (with the heel). Every part survived unscathed.
    -The cord is about the same thickness as the Philips' WITH the nylon cord.
    -The phones are smaller. Not a problem, they just sit differently and have better treble than bass.
    -The jack is smooth and clean, not like on the 4th photo
    Very durable. They will last as long as the sponge on them.
    Price is just right.
  • Very nice for the price. Grab some.

    posted by semicolo

    You can combine them together to make 4,6,8... connectors. A lot cheaper than usual component websites.
    These are small connectors, I doubt the 16A rating in the description. Should be good for a few amps, anyway you can't insert big wires in these.I'm done with soldering/desoldering cables on my pcbs.
    I think I'll buy some 3 pin versions to be able to combine them in any size.You should order some if you're not in a hurry.
  • stylish high quality cable

    posted by rudizr

    the cable looks amazing, I've never came across a flat 3.5mm male to male cable before. the color is stylish, good quality rubber material, the built quality is good too, the different parts look well connected. the cable works pretty good and it's long enough for a usual usage.
    when my galaxy s3 phone is in it's plastic case, the cable won't get in firmly because it is slightly bigger than the whole in the case, unlike the regular earphones 3.5 mm cable
    if you're looking for a stylish, high quality 3.5mm male to male cable then buy this
  • regular earphones

    posted by marik

    - Best sound quality for the price. Much better than what i can get locally for the same price.- Comes with a pouch.- Made of aluminum - if that matters.- It has replaceable earbuds so as to adjust for ear size.
    You could put some glue right into the hole where the wire goes inside the bud to prolong their life.It is very hard to write a verbose review about an unremarkable pair of earbuds.
    Excellent phones for the price, I have been buying them for the last 6 years.
  • the best cable

    posted by marceloftoledo

    the best out of this type that already had generally buy cables that are left with some kind of noise in the middle of the song, poor contact or somethingbut this cable is really quite good, not from any kind of interference
    the price is very good quality and best yet, I refer to all this cable, and besides everything is beautifuleven already bought another 2 of this in other colors!
    I submit to all, the best cable, thanks dx

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