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3.5mm black Customers Reviews

  • Very good phones

    posted by jellyfox

    A very good sound quality for the price. I had similar earphones of Sony at a higher price but the quality of these earphones turned out to be much much better. It was a surprise! A very good and articulated bass, clean treble and intelligible middle.
    I prefer this type of earphones to noise isolation earphones. Popular noise isolation earphones are difficult to obtain rich bass. At least in my ears ))). Besides total noise isolation is good in subway only.
    It looks this Senmai company produces good quality earphones at a reasonable price.
  • Delighted

    posted by Pandora77

    It is small, it has a very nice model and it is very easy to transport since it is very light.
    Last week this microphone had its fire test! I spent almost 1.5 hours on an Skype conference call and I am simply delighted with it. Eerybody could hear me properly with no interruptions and the mouth does not has to be so close to the microphone so others can hear you. Besides it is very small, very easy to transport and fits everywhere!!
    I really recommend this micrphone for long conferences but also other models should be very usefull too.
  • It's just a regular headphone doubler

    posted by ShadowBrujah

    It's well constructed, metal connectors and strong flat wires. It's look very nice and it's really 4-pole inputs and outputs.
    I bought this split cable thinking in connect a external microphone on one of the ends, and a headphone on the other end. But it's just a regular output doubler... You can connect two 4-pole headsets using this splitter and it'll work exactly the same way you connect one of there headsets directly to the smarphone audio output jack.
    If you're looking for a way to connect a external microphone to the smartphone, you shoud use this splitter together with the microphone of SKU 225531... A microphone made for this specific use.If you plug this microphone directly to the Smartphone output jack, you'll not be able to connect a headset, so this splitter solves this problem.
  • Very good for in-car use

    posted by vladk2k

    Rubberised feel cableCurly section helps keep the cable tangle-free and slack-freeSmall diameter curls hold form for a long timeRight-angle plugs perfect in order not to stick out on the dashboardMedium size jacks fit any standard headphones/aux in plug
    I bought this to connect various audio equipment to my car's stereo. The stereo has a front aux in plug which, when used with straight jacks, make the cable stick out and is unpleasant. Using this cable, I was able to connect all devices with minimal tangle and virtually no slack. I've connected my phone dock, the phone itself, a GPS, an MP3 player and an iPod with no issues. I've even stored it bt wrapping it around my phone dock and it did not tangle.
    Best cable for use in carm with no tangle and no slack
  • holds it shape and works well

    posted by trickyasafox

    Easy to use, and it stays coiled to keep it from getting tangled / getting in the way. I use it to hook a smart phone up to my car's audio system. It performs that task well.
    It works fairly well within its limitations. It is far too short to use for a lot of applications like running headphones to an mp3 player or something, but it is good for places where a short cable that doesn't get moved much is acceptable.
    It works but its short. I'd leave it relegated to connecting fairly static objects together.

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