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3.5mm audio microphone

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3.5mm audio microphone Customers Reviews

  • Good pickup for guitar and voice!

    posted by euronios

    Easy to use.
    Good pickup for acoustic guitar and voice. This pickup with microphone for voice is a very useful article for those who want to amplify the sound of an acoustic guitar. Very easy to install no need to change the instrument.Both the pickup and the microphone have good quality and are the ideal solution for anyone who wants a good solution amplification with low price. Although it has an excellent price-quality ratio.Suffice to install this accessory and connect it to an amplifier or a mixer to obtain an amplification with excellent quality, reduced feedback.
    Nothing to refer.
  • Works on my Huawei Ascend Y210

    posted by DanieLaixer

    The cable is quite long, the build quality acceptable and you have a handsfree set that you can use with your favourite headphones.The microphone works great, zero complaints.
    I used to use the original SonyEricsson's Walkman handsfree set on my old S/E phone while walking or driving (using the car's sound system, no headphones).When I got my Huawei Ascend Y210 I needed the same thing. So I got this cable for music and calls.
    I keep this cable on my car and I use it every day. If you don't mind the answer button not being functional (at least in my case) buy this item!
  • Very good quality, good looks and functionality

    posted by inkredibl

    Works as expected: microphone, button, volume control.
    Fully stereo capable! This one has real stereo AND volume control which is not common. The cheaper devices have a single channel slider which means mono sound, but not this one!
    Looks quite good. It actually looks better in real life than I've expected from the photo.
    All the plastics and strain-relief seem to be of a decent quality, even though as I've understand now - with my (ab)use nothing lasts longer than couple of months (not even the original apple earphones). Oh maybe except Sony's earphones that have some sort of unbreakable cable... I wonder how they do it.
    If you're like me, expect to buy these every two-three months and consider Sony earbuds as they have unbeatable cables on them (maybe someone else makes that kind of cables but I haven't found any yet and, frankly, I'm tired of searching and I have a favorite so why should I).
    The most abused part of earbud cable is near the device if it's in your pocket and I don't know about you, but I break at least 4 cables a year. At this price it's much more affordable to not worry about that anymore, just be sure to have a spare BEFORE the one you're using breaks.
    If you're not using the volume control and don't care about the lloks of it too much, consider buying a cheaper one like sku.27966
  • Works but...

    posted by khcrazy10

    Works as described for converting TRRS headphones with mic so they can be used with PCTested: knockoff earpods, previous gen apple headphones, and ifrogz earpollution in-ears with mic. They work.
    Generally good product for what it does. Paired with Griffin iMic, it makes to create a pretty nice USB headset out of your smartphone headphones.
    Don't get it for the new Apple earpods, but otherwise, it'll work just fine.
  • Good cable, but button and microphone not rugged

    posted by waveman99

    Nice flat cable. Long enough so I can have the phone in my jeans pocket. Button also works on android. Microphone is OK for this price
    Fast and good help from DX customer service about my problem. Could get store credit og new cable
    Nice cable for the price. And if it falls apart - have som glue ready

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