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3.5mm audio jack converter

You can find fashionable 3.5mm audio jack converter at a low price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. If you want to find more 3.5mm audio jack converter related products, you can find them by browsing audio 3.5mm jack male, bluetooth 3.5mm audio jack. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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3.5mm audio jack converter Customers Reviews

  • Works fine

    posted by boruno

    Works fine for me. I have bought it to send audio from my phone music player to my stereo. I did not used the converter yet.
    The cable could be a little bit longer (its thirty centimeters long).
    Works very well for my needs. Now I can listen to music louder and better. Also works for computers and televisions. I will buy more of this converter on the next days, it is very usefull.
  • Surprisingly well made!

    posted by hansenelc

    I bought this for my friend who desired to play his video game through some external speakers as well as his TV. I thought no further than DX. I bought this and it arrived fast! I used the 9mm jack on his speakers and it played just fine!
    No static! I'm amazed! Length was just right for our situation! I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a nice audio/video set up for cheap!
    Great product for audio enthusiasts and for people who want an inexpensive sound system!
  • Bought for my Raspberry Pi

    posted by matias251x

    Easy of use, and good price.Works fine with Raspberry Pi.Looks fragile, but is only an impression.No problems with resolutions, refresh rates, colors... It's elegant and discrete, easy to carry.
    If you don't have a good power supply, this adapter fails, because isn't self-powered.I have this problem, using a cellphone charger as PS... Max deliver current can't drive RPi and this adapter!
    Works fine! But probably need a special configuration lines in file /boot/config.txt

    posted by nukeon

    High quality video output, it works! and audio jack is very usefull if you need to connect headphones or other audio system.Other pros thing... is small and you can savo on your trousers.HDMI output is the best of this, is faster and i can watch with more quality my games without reduce TV settings options.The best I think is the price, i have found it in other webpages and shop, but i cant find better.
    Can improve the traveling time?And can inform the user about Localizator or email with the pack situation?
    Recommended to buy. Cheap, and working Ok.
  • Very good purchase

    posted by jslovak

    Does not require external power. Power is via hdmi cable. Lights blue LED power indicator. LED is visible only when illuminated. Located inside the box and is visible through the packaging - blue light. The box is strong. Works on the first connection. Includes USB power input, I do not know why it serves, probably from an external power adapter for the case if it was not powered via hdmi cable.
    Lacks instructions but not required. Operation is very simple. Easy even for a layman.
    Very good purchase. I am using this component to connect tablet pc to vga monitor. For that price, can not buy in our country.

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