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3.5mm audio jack connection

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3.5mm audio jack connection Customers Reviews

  • Good cabel

    posted by BlueChamp

    Everything good. Very cheap and good quality. Used for some months, nothing wrong with it yet. Does not seem to have any quality loss even if it is cheap and long. Very happy!
    Works as good as a 30 dollar cable. Dont waste money, when this one is all good.
    Good product! If I need more jack-cabels, this one is one of the top alternatives
  • Good cable, works also with smartphones well

    posted by tencerl

    as oppose to regular cable this one is split to 4 connections in order to support both stereo sound and a microphone. i had trouble with other cable when tried connection the phone to the car aux entry due to microphone interfering and this cable solved it.
    very low price, reasonable length, not only for IPhone of course. almost all phones today has a 3.5mm plug.
    a good buy.some extra characters to make the silly 500 limit.12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890
  • Great audio cable

    posted by BySgUi2

    Works perfectly, very strong rubber, well made, and made with good materials. Its really 3 meters long. I use it to send the audio of my computer to my LG TV, and its works like a charm, without sounds errors. And what about the price? It's a great value for this product. I really like it.
    It comes exactly like the picture shown, no problems at all.
    I recomend that. You really can buy it for use with your stuffs.
  • That's not a cable - THIS is a cable!

    posted by MicrowaveDave

    It's difficult to see in the photo, but the plugs on this cable are huge! It almost looks like one of those old 6.5" phono plug patch cables they used to use on manual telephone exchanges. The cable is very thick and difficult to tangle, so it's perfect for throwing into a backpack. I can pull out the cable without it tangling, bunching up, or getting snagged on other items.
    Normally headphone cables break really easily when snagged on things or if they are tangled and you pull too hard, but the wire is so thick on this cable you wouldn't easily be able to break it.
    Looks a little bit weird on an iPod Shuffle because the plug is so enormous compared to the minute player, but the electrical connection is very robust so I'm happy.
    This cable is a beauty for MP3 players because it's just the right length to put in your pocket without being too long and dangling, and it won't tangle because of the cable thickness.
  • very good product

    posted by advamov

    The cable works perfect with my car radio. It's long enough and looks very qualitative and not easily ruined.
    if you need an auxiliary cable for your car it's definitely the cable you will choose. It's very cheap and does the work perfectly. it's thin enough to get in the iphone earphones' hole easily and works with any iphone case.
    I recommend it very much! It's worth the money and you'll not regret these 1.7 dollars. It's perfect for poeple loke me who love listening to their iphone's playlist while driving when the radio songs are unbearable.

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