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3.5mm audio connector

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3.5mm audio connector Customers Reviews

  • Good connectors for a very good price

    posted by SleepyEng

    - The connectors feel solid in the hand- A bit of plastic tube inside the connector is provided in order to prevent the spring from short-circuiting the contacts to the housing- The finish, to me at least, looks very nice- At about 50 cents each, these are a great value
    Locally I see plastic connectors in shops for $2.50-3.50 each so this is much, much cheaper if you are willing to wait for shipping
    As good as you'll see in most shops and for an excellent price. 20 is a bit much though, but at least you won't have to buy them again for a while...
  • Wow 20 for just 6.50? AMAZING!

    posted by Maverik0106

    Great amazing price!Great quality!I received it extremely fast!
    I'm using these to make electronic projects interact with my phone. Having to buy 20 for only 6.50 is an amazing deal, which allows me to use different plugs for different projects and not have to dis assemble my other projects to make new ones!
    Buy these regardless of whether they come with a product sheet or not, there's plenty of information on the internet, or you can do your own tests and post the results.
  • Incredibly useful

    posted by DaveFlash

    Have two male-male audio cables but need to bridge them, this little thing 'll do the trick for you. As it's good enough for your basic audio needs, it successfully bridges two standard 3.5'' cinch/jack audio cables to give you more distance between audio devices/receivers. When plugged in correctly, it's a strong bridge between two cables but not too tight, so when tipping over one cable it most likely won't damage your other cable as it just unplugs itself.
    this product and its price is a good deal for anyone looking to bridge two audio cables plug and play easily without any hassle.
    Buy this if you're looking for a good little gadget to link audio cables and don't mind whether or not it's gold plated or if it's flexible or not. (which it isn't)

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