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3.5mm audio connection

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3.5mm audio connection Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and good

    posted by vickiho

    Nice and slick! Really like the thin wire and the smallish jack, which helps me plug it into my phone when there is a casing around it that may block out thicker wires.
    Great length as well for my car, just nice.
    Get it, white is a good colour too.
  • Good sound

    posted by mixmastamykl

    Ordered this for connection of Digital Audio Players to my mixer and sometimes for tables with built in special effects for live use. Yes there are a few available elsewhere or on local shops but the coiled cable feature is hard to find. Coiled cables mean less space occupied when not in use. Ends have a solid feel and is plated gold/bronze for better sound. Cable is quite solid than most.
    Options for more colors or glow in the dark.
    Cheap and useful.
  • Great for radios and mp3's

    posted by ilvital

    it is really easy to use, the price is just [email protected] the quality is nice too and i use it a lot with my mp3 and my stereo system, i just plug it in both ends and im ready to go!!!
    good item and cheap! and very usefull for home use of course. dx should get more stuff with better quality though, most things break in less than a month xD
    keep up dx!!!!outstanding job!!!
  • This on is a beast!

    posted by BlueChamp

    This one is a beast of jack and AUX-cabels. Facilitated to also be connected to a 5mm jack adapter easily. Looks great! Everyone will think this is a 50USD + cabel, but its cheap, and is made of great quality.
    Very impressive and surprising quality with this price.
    May not get any better cabel for this price.
  • Great cable

    posted by Loockyn

    I lost my original cable,and i don´t like the black one with SoniTalk,so i buy this.This cable looks like original,but without logo,and the quality of cable and conectors is almost same as original one.
    Nothing, the price and quality is best, original one cost in my country about 30$,which is terrible.
    i really recommended this product, quality is the same as original one,a and the price is mind-blowing.I´m using this cable for a month,and still works and looks like a new.

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