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3.5mm audio cable black

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3.5mm audio cable black Customers Reviews

  • Very nice cable

    posted by Rakhil

    Great sound, good quality of build, looks durable. Very flexible cable that you can route through crevices in the dashboard of your car easily.
    Great value for money
    I ordered this cable to connect my mp3 player to car stereo via aux in that is located in the glove compartment. Therefore i needed a cable that is 90 degrees on one end, flexible, and no more than one meter long. This product ticks all the boxes and does the job lovely.
  • Sounds fine, auto re-connects

    posted by zlp00

    I've been looking for a bluetooth A2DP receiver for an audio project. My goals were:1) Must be powered by external supply, not internal batteries.2) Once paired with a transmitter, must attempt to reconnect if transmitter goes out of range or power is interrupted. This receiver satisfies those requirements.
    I also bought SKU 120198 which is very similar inside (both use OVC3860 bluetooth chip) and performs the same. (The case can be pried apart fairly easily to reveal the guts.)This receiver identifies itself as "SF-LY002A" when pairing with a transmitter. There is a blinking light and short audible tones to show pairing/connection status.If the transmitting device has a user-interface (like a phone) then you will need to enter "0000" as the passcode. Simple transmitters like SKU 140353 will pair automatically with this receiver. Just place them nearby and turn them on.
    Great and cheap.
  • It's a cable, what can I say? :D

    posted by kenjistar

    I've got it in less than 2 weeks at my home and it is perfect; I've received it undamaged and it seems to be made with a good quality materials.I needed a cheap thing to link a notebook to a quite distant hand made "home cinema" and it fits perfectly the job.
    I suggest you to buy this cable only if you need (like me) something cheap but trustworthy. Obviously you can't use it like a rope or similar, but, it can even resist a quite strong tension if you grab it involuntarily.
  • Incredibly useful

    posted by DaveFlash

    Have two male-male audio cables but need to bridge them, this little thing 'll do the trick for you. As it's good enough for your basic audio needs, it successfully bridges two standard 3.5'' cinch/jack audio cables to give you more distance between audio devices/receivers. When plugged in correctly, it's a strong bridge between two cables but not too tight, so when tipping over one cable it most likely won't damage your other cable as it just unplugs itself.
    this product and its price is a good deal for anyone looking to bridge two audio cables plug and play easily without any hassle.
    Buy this if you're looking for a good little gadget to link audio cables and don't mind whether or not it's gold plated or if it's flexible or not. (which it isn't)
  • Working cable

    posted by caterpilar

    Good price for a 10 m 3.5 mm audio cable. Works just as intended.
    Note that I did not actually see this cable, since I sent it as a gift. My views are based on the gift recipient telling me that it works just fine. Posting anyway, since there are no reviews for this item yet. Similar cable in store here (Sweden) costs several times more.
    Good value for money for the one in need for 10 m 3.5 mm cable.

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