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3.5mm audio adapter male

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3.5mm audio adapter male Customers Reviews

  • Very nice product

    posted by ManiacB

    Very nice and bright color.Looks of a good quality. The cable itself has an inner colorful cord, and is covered by an outer transparent clear cover, which makes it very unique.Good audio quality! (haven't noticed decrease in quality whatsoever)
    Recommended. I use it to expend my headphones cable to my laptop. I use headphones with a mini plug, and it fits perfectly.
    Go get it!
  • Nice helpful adapter!

    posted by silverspoon

    + Helps converts 2.5mm into 3.5mm type stereo pins.+ Very good build quality, the pin is fused firmly in the black grip.+ Gives a good quality sound, no sound loss while converting the pins.+ Very cheap and affordable for such an important adapter.
    Bought one of these to help me convert my music players pin and it is doing a superb job. Looks very strong so I am not worried about it breaking or anything. The metal looks good and it won't lose its shine for a long time because it has some polish.
    They help convert old type gadgets, MP3 players, mobile phones, tablets etc. To convert those types of devices from 2.5mm to 3.5mm these come in handy at an affordable price.
  • Excellent product!

    posted by Nicola500

    - It has good quality cables
    - I thought that it split a stereo channel into two mono channels, but then I tested it and I discovered that it is stereo, in fact both channels are stereo!
    - Very good sound quality! It doesn't do any kind of noise!
    - PRICE! You can't find it in shops at this price! I searched a lot but I couldn't find this price anywhere!
    This is a very good product for all people who want to split a stereo line into two stereo lines with some euro. I recommend to buy it!
  • Works perfectly

    posted by mdtdx

    The plugs work perfectly, and the price is great (in my country each plug this costs $ 1 and through dx.com was possible to buy 10 units for less than $ 5). With it is possible to connect any cable P10 (6.35 mm) on a P2 device with input (3.5 mm).
    I use the plugs to connect my phone and laptop to a mixer and also for connecting musical instruments to my computer. Is very useful.
    Sorry for my bad english, I'm Brazilian.
  • Bought for my Raspberry Pi

    posted by matias251x

    Easy of use, and good price.Works fine with Raspberry Pi.Looks fragile, but is only an impression.No problems with resolutions, refresh rates, colors... It's elegant and discrete, easy to carry.
    If you don't have a good power supply, this adapter fails, because isn't self-powered.I have this problem, using a cellphone charger as PS... Max deliver current can't drive RPi and this adapter!
    Works fine! But probably need a special configuration lines in file /boot/config.txt

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