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3.5mm adapter Customers Reviews

  • Not work with all devices

    posted by hexxxee

    This cable was good quality and cheap and the cable lenght itself was just ok for my needs.
    I purchased this with Mini X android media player (SKU: 147420) but it does not work with it. Mini X requires AV cable with 17 mm jack.
    It's good but does not work with all devices with AV output. Please mention also the jack lenght on the item description. It's not possible to find suitable AV cable from your catalog.
  • works well

    posted by nexnexus

    - excellent price- solid build quality- when connected to cell phone can't easily disconnect by itself- easy to use and maintain
    I bought this adapter for my new Samsung c3050 Stratus phone. It say it is for Samsung G600 but there are numerous Samsung cell phones with same connectors so it works on my Stratus also. When connected to phone and to earphones, it works very well, and it wont disconnect by itself while in pocket, even if you are running. Adapter is long enough, maybe, just maybe a little thin. This is really good product with excellent price. I recommend it to anyone.
    Works very well, it's cheap, if it fits on your cell phone and you need it, buy it!
  • Great price, does what it supposed to do.

    posted by TheMagicKiller

    - The price is just great!
    - Easy to use, just contect it and use it!
    - Really usefull, i'm taking it with me for all my trips and listening to my music without any problems!
    - Not hreats the music quality.
    Great thing, i really like it, don't hears the sound quality, i'm using it over 3 monthes without any problems!
    No doubt that it one of the usefules things I have ever bought for my phone ! :)
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Audio Adapter for Nokia

    posted by vilijemk

    It is well made, fits great in nokia 80 and does not fall out. After a while connection is good. The audio connector on phone and on phone side is 'capable' of stereo connection after rewiring inside of it,
    It should be stated, this is not at all stereo out of the box. It is possible to tweak for experienced user, but is hard to do because of short cable inside. I had to remove the cable outer hole to extend to change it to stereo with soldering iron,
    For my old nokia n80, which i later found out is producing only mono sound the tweaking of this adapter to stereo was possible and made it, except the phone was not capable of outputing stereo sound :(Check if You phone is capable of stereo, if not, stick with how the adapter is made
  • So far So Good

    posted by xlordecstasyx

    It let me use my new sony headphones with integrated controls and mic on my old sony ericsson phone. So i dont need to buy an old pair of sony ericsson hands free or headset.It size is perfect, and it has no cable like the original sony cable.Decent Build quality
    So far so good, for the prince is what i was looking for.I recommend this for OMTP - CTIA conversion.This is a pic of what it does:http://www.simplecom.com.au/ebay/omtpvsctia.jpg
    Great deal. perfect price, really useful,

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