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  • Clear Picture, but not so bright.

    posted by dnaraG1M

    Good price.
    Clear picture.
    Easy to connect
    I use this with SKU 13052. The camera is mounted
    on upper left of truck, pointing down to right
    and back.
    Had problem getting correct L/R, U/D dislay.
    Ended up rotating the display upside down to
    get proper view.
    Cannot see ANYTHING on display while wearing
    sunglasses. Gotta take 'em off to see display.
    [Display set to MAX brightness.]
    Not a great thing to do in the Texas sun!
    Glue failed in a few hours. Glue pad remained on
    dash, but display fell off the glue pad. A couple
    of 4-40 screws to the rescue! 2 Holes in dash (ugh).
    If used indoors, this would be a great display. Or maybe
    some sort of shadow box in vehicle...???....
    I can live with it, but wish there was a better solution.
  • OK once you know what it is

    posted by mgtcman

    Good value for money.
    When this first arrived my heart sank as I has no idea how to program it.It took a lot of searching and false trails to finally discover that this is an SSD2119 LCD screen with an ADS7843 Touch Controller.Once that was over I soon found datasheets and sample projects.The board is initially setup for 16 bit data mode which hardly anyone uses. You need to unsolder a pin to use 8 bit data mode which is more compatible with the numberous demos.
    A good buy but you need to make some effort.Screen advertised as Arduino Ready would probably be easier to use.
  • Grat door phone

    posted by jalucerol

    I must admit it surprised me. It has a great quality. Video and the sound are really clear. Manual has enough information to do-it-yourself installation.It allows you to see and heard who is at your door, and allow you unlock door. Can connect other door cameras and supervise it.I found it quite useful
    reasonable price and great product!, great build quality!
    I recommend it, and i am considering to reorder it!!!It is a great product and i found it useful!!!
  • Great Deal

    posted by CassianoRosario

    I already have my camera back to service with the new display i buy at DX. The content as been delivery as such dealer info. Very well packed and high quality sending condition, (a little box securely managed for the delicate display). This way secure travel conditions are greatly garanted. This was something i was afraid off. But i have been surprised with finest sending conditions. Just for this, HLY-GRANT (sender) is highly recomended.OverSea shipping takes it´s time. More than one month for me, SINGAPUR - PORTUGAL. But it is Normal. The system track information takes is time also. But i get informed (after 5 days) for the shipement status. But the good point is the fact shipping is free with very fine sending conditions. So time must be present. Very great deal since price is very affordable.
    The display looks like trully genuine. Every detail is as is from the original replaced one. I get it working in no time. I just follow steps from REPARATUR in youtube, since he explain very well how to replace the broken display. The link (i am sure it can helps someone) for that is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALlq-LAHS-8
    Great Deal since price is very affordable and it looks like genuine equipement. Get it working perfectly. Very satisfied.
  • Perfect

    posted by MrPepsi

    Easy to disassemble.
    Very good picture.
    Fits perfectly into a Sega Nomad.
    One of the capacitors fell of as i was dissembling it
    there was also a short on the board, both were easy to fix.
    Worked perfectly for my Sega Nomad Screen MOD. Perfect price point, and a really good picture, all in all its a great buy if you have a Sega Nomad and a decent experience with soldering, you can make your screen look 1000x better.


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