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3.5 sata dock

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3.5 sata dock Customers Reviews

  • Great purchase

    posted by Magnus1990P

    Works like a charm. Unscrew your hard drive and mount it, then you can wipe the whole thing, back it up or do forensics if thats needed.Mount several HDDs and you can copy the contents betweend HDDs or use the "button", but I chose the first option since it is more controllable.Has IDE support for old disks.Works automatically with MacBook Pro.
    Great purchase and is reccomended
  • Hdd Docking Station Review

    posted by jcarval

    The case is made of top quality plastic. The PSU cable is long enough and don't gets to hot in use. The cable provided is USB 3 and well maded one. Installed an 1 TB disk WD green. When transfered content to the external one, I got a transfer rate about 33 Mb/s, considering that my port is an USB2, I am very pleased. This unit can handle with two disks at once.
    European buyers should order a plug adapter SKU 3529 in order to use it in homeland. It comes with an CD with some backup software, at least two apps to do the same and a bunch of drivers to install, never used it. It is just plag and play,
    It's really a good buy. Overall great quality for the money
  • Nice dock, but not very useful for IDE drives

    posted by egalle

    * it's quite small, takes few space, just a little wider than an actual harddisk* can be used with more than one disk at a time* 2 handy front USB connectors* can be switched off* There's space to connect 3'5" and also 2'5" IDE drives* The IDE power connector can be moved with a switch, so there's no problem to connect Seagate or Western Digital drives!* sata drives can be hot-swapped (not tried with IDE ones)
    The description is a bit misleading, it doesn't work for any IDE drive as stated. I suspect it only works with 5400rpm disks, but I cannot say for sure without more extensive testing. None of my 7200rpm drives worked in the IDE bay.Both SATA bays work perfectly and are great for disc cloning (using software), hot swap is also nice.
    Would be far more useful if newer IDE drives would work with it.Anyway, it's a nice dock if you plan to have easy access to SATA drives or backup them.
  • Effective

    posted by Kluster

    Can accept two hard drives at the timeSimple and effectiveMulti-card readerGood price
    Even though there are 3 slots it will only recognize two hard drives at the time. Copying files from one drive to the other will use USB both way so it takes forever.Simple to use, plug in the HDDs, hook it up the computer will see the drives.
    Good solution for backups or multimedia storage. As expected, works under Linux (tested with 2.6 and 3.* kernels) and MacOS. .
  • In daily use for over a year, good speed

    posted by filar

    Fast transfer, litte or no difference between this and eSATA docks with normal hard disks. Seems well built. No hickups, I have insert disks at least 1000 times into it.This docking supports 3TB disks, unlike others that support only up to 2TB.
    It is a little large, but that means that it is stable.
    Good value for the money. Fast.

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