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3.5 sata 2.0

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3.5 sata 2.0 Customers Reviews

  • Works as expected

    posted by kenmori

    - It works right out of the box, plug and play on a Windows 7 machine, recognizing all SATA HDDs I tried;- USB 2.0 speed, up to 20Mb/s sustained transfer speed;- Had it working for a couple of days, transfering several gigabytes at a time, with no error;- The USB hub as well as the Card Reader function also work as they are supposed to.
    I already had a USB/SATA adapter but it was very unstable when transferring large amounts of data, it would usually give some read/write error.Not with this one, which works as it should.
    For the price, more than worth it. If you have several SATA HDDs and want to access them conveniently from any computer, buy it.Especially useful for notebooks, since the USB hub means you won't lose an USB port, and actually have one more to spare.Besides a card reader.
  • Does what it says on the box...More or less.

    posted by MisterBee

    Just works on WinXP-64. Hooked it up, and thats it. Seams S-ATA drives are limited to just over 20-22 000 kbyte/sek. Tested with a pair of drives (Seagate ST316002 3AS and Western Digital WD3200AAKS, 160 and 320GB)With a 2.5" P-ATA (Toshiba MK4018GAS) drive read speed is in the 15 000 kbyte/s range, and write maxed out at 8 000 kbyte/s. Not that impressing but that might very well be due to the drive. It's not that fast to start with. (It's partly due to being a 4200 rpm part)A 123.5Gb Hitatchi (IC35L120 AVV207-0) gets about the same readspeeds as the S-ATA drives, and write speeds are similar as well.
    The PSU has a blue power led to indicate power. It flickers randomly, but there have yet to be any issues with it. It's just one of those... "Iffy" things, if you know what i mean. It's also very light for a 12v 5A power source. For continual use i would pick up something else to power the drive bay with.
    Cheap. You get what you pay for to some extent. It's a fairly compact solution to get 3 external drives hooked to your system, with fairly good cooling since they sit out in the open. Or, if your like me, and rip drives out of systems for work purposes, testing and diagnose, then it's a LOT easier then having a multitude of drive bays to fit everything in. If it survives a year or even a few, it's a great item. But thats just it. If... It feels real cheap. No weight, and very thin plastics. Handle with care. Great if you got a good purpose for it.
  • Couple desing failure.

    posted by XantheFIN

    It's very simple. What i have needed. Didn't explode. Much easier than plug inside computer just for reading. Make me clean this room because more cables behind table. Now i am happy and this is clean now.
    Needed multiple times. Now i got this.
    Cheap, very useful.
  • A little lifesaver

    posted by Ronald667

    I't easily assembled. All the pieces go in the logical places, you stick one end in the wall socket, one end in the USB-port and all the stuff in the middle in your harddisk and you're good to go. A driver CD (Win98!) is supplied, but most computer work without it anyway.
    And it supports one touch backup!
    After removing a drive from my PC, I found out it contained important data. This piece of gear is a lifesaver...
    A perfectly affordable temporary solution.Very handy to have one on the shelf.
  • Great deal

    posted by ProGunNL

    No installation needed! (Only for the OTB function)hot-swappableUSB2.0 hubcard reader! even SDHC!HDD LED indicatorCard LED indicatorIDE and SATA!Smaller then aspected
    Too bad that they didn't used a usb mini port for all the data and used the powersupply for the extra power needed, because the USB cable Male to Male is very rare and if you lose it. You have to buy it again online
    I'm very happy with this HDD dock. It's a real life save if you want to read both SATA and IDE (PATA).Also the card reader is great and the USB hub works just fine!


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