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  • Great flashlight

    posted by GoneFusion

    Can use up 1-4 batteries if you are running short.Very bright, crisp white light 6500K+.Easy to hold and grip in smaller hands.Easy to find and use switch in the dark.Not as heavy as expected.Lasts longer than other 7xT6 lights (tube battery style) with 4 x 18650 cells.
    Would easily buy again or recommend. In fact ordering two more asap as the price is great.
    More practical size/shape for me than the long tube type 7 x T6 Cree lights. Was slightly concerned about the size/usability but I was most pleasantly positively surprised. Super bright, great size, awesome run time.
  • A perfect and strong light for the bike night rides!

    posted by MaroshFR

    Small and practical, plenty of power coming out, lightweight (for its output), easy to install and handle, great battery life (even in cold weather), looks waterproof, good cooling abilities, easy to operate, good light dispersion in the area, glass in the front and aluminium on body, included battery pack, ...
    When installed on bike's handlebar and combined with a decent head lamp, the night rides become almost as good and safe as during the day - fun and enjoyable. The long winter nights are no longer blocking me from riding in the dark - thanks to this light. Doesn't blink or move on the handlebar and stays reliable even during downhill descents, on rock / root gardens and other rough terrain.
    Overall a great product with a great ratio of price and performance - I can only recommend it. Like!
  • Yes, I got my money's worth

    posted by MongooseKM

    Beam Angle is adjustable and appropriate for close in work. Beam spread is suitable for illuminating work area instead of distant spot. Low intensity setting will be adequate for most projects. Beam intensity is sufficient, even if it's 1200 lumens
    Instructions: Charge until green lamp. Mount lamp to curve in platform, route rubber piece along circle between post under lens and post to rear, tab end to rear Lamp becomes adjustable. Power to lamp is 7.4VDC. Route cable under strap to fall behind you.Think safety. Unit is bright enough to hurt others.
    Spare battery unit can be built with DealExtreme parts 100997,105084,5790,163563. Each holder is in series, Solder outputs of holders to function in parallel. Test for about 7.4VDC. Observe polarity.Recommendation: Offer to sell an optional spare battery unit.
  • very nice flashlight

    posted by shalomwt

    1. large lens (diameter ~ 32mm) - significantly larger than other zoom flashlights. collects a lot more light from the emitter2. houses 2 18650 batteries (connected in parallel) but can be used with a single one3. red rear light on battery case. it shines with changing modes (Hi, Lo, strobe). interesting feature, although not everybody will want it4. acceptable zoom mechanism. not totally smooth but seems good enough
    comes in different colors.can't figure why each states a different brightness (lumens) since they all seem to be identical electrically
    good bundle for the price. 2 chargers & batteries.
  • Afordable, very good quality it is very easy to use and has helped me alot

    posted by KrisCano

    light weighted, small easy for storage in pockets very easy to use and to charge, very nice light emitted the distance reached of lighting is excelent the features are also nice enjoy this product very much, great for outdoors and indoors, personally I am much satisfied with the product
    very good product. Enjoy the feature of the zoom and the quality and resistence against falls so far no problems
    I recomend the purchase of this product


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