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3 pin to Customers Reviews

  • cheap cable, medium quality and works fine

    posted by dilershop

    very usefull cable, works fine as it should be, does it's job well and overall quality is quite fine. Comes in nice protected packaging, very professionally I must say.
    Cheap, good-enough build quality, very usefull. Hard to beat the price, especially when buying in bulk...
    I ordered 10 of these, they all came in nice packaging, quality is ok so i may be ordering more soon.
  • good product

    posted by djzinc

    is working
    have enough lengt for most of purposes. will see long term use, but looks ok.
    if you need this is ok, buy it. I buy it for a GPS navigator, but it has a 2,5mm female connector not 3,5mm, so I used another. but this helped me to identify the signal contact on the jack which coresponds with yellow RCA.
    need this kind of cable? this will do the job. buy it.
    need this kind of cable? this will do the job. buy it.
    need this kind of cable? this will do the job. buy it.
  • Excellent

    posted by kofi4ko

    Excellent product, does the job verry well. It's just plug and play. I received the product relitevly fast.For that price the product is excellent.
    great product. The seller can sweeten the deal with USB card reader or something.
    I recomend the product it's a realy cool thing to have
  • Good extasion

    posted by jacksen

    - This was realy usefull, used it to extend my cables to fans from back to my front
    - Possible to connect 4 pins fans
    - This come realy handy, and as i have alot of fans in my pc, i needed to buy alot of those extansions, and all of them work flawless, and no problem at all! This is a realy good product if you need to extand a fan cable or something like that in your pc
    - This product was realy usfull for me! the only con was that it wasent a pwm cable, but i was connecting it to a fan controller anyway, so i dident need a pwm cable
    - Really good extansion that i will greatly recommand!
  • Perfect adapter for s-video to SCART input

    posted by gephardt

    Perfect if you need an s-video converter to SCART. Remember that you will need a SCART connection that supports analog input. Sometimes a set will only have one such SCART input.
    I needed to connect a Roku to a PAL set that has SCART inputs. s-video was available in a side input, but I prefer to keep that available for auxiliary devices.
    This adapter works perfectly, but make sure you have the correct analog scart input. Otherwise, for example in my case- three SCART inputs only support component analog in, so they display a monochrome (black and white) picture if I connect to them. Only one of my sets inputs displays the correct, color picture.

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