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3 pin cable male Customers Reviews

  • Female to Dual Male split cable

    posted by grilow991

    Well made cable that helps on conecting more fans to your computer. You can connect two fans with this cable, and with the 30cm lenght, you won`t have any problem to connect fans that are away from the cable. You just have to connect it to the motherboard and than you will have 2 Male to use. You can also buy more than one cable and connect to the other split cable you got, so you have 3, 4, 5 Males ports...
    Recomend 100% Well made cable, good material, does what it is supposed to do, price is really good. I recomend to get more than 1 so you can split and have extra Male ports, in case you need. Also got home quickly (19 days to deliever).
    Recomend 100%
  • Excellent

    posted by kofi4ko

    Excellent product, does the job verry well. It's just plug and play. I received the product relitevly fast.For that price the product is excellent.
    great product. The seller can sweeten the deal with USB card reader or something.
    I recomend the product it's a realy cool thing to have
  • Good extasion

    posted by jacksen

    - This was realy usefull, used it to extend my cables to fans from back to my front
    - Possible to connect 4 pins fans
    - This come realy handy, and as i have alot of fans in my pc, i needed to buy alot of those extansions, and all of them work flawless, and no problem at all! This is a realy good product if you need to extand a fan cable or something like that in your pc
    - This product was realy usfull for me! the only con was that it wasent a pwm cable, but i was connecting it to a fan controller anyway, so i dident need a pwm cable
    - Really good extansion that i will greatly recommand!
  • Great product, really good materials and quality!!!!!!!!

    posted by mauroxj

    This item is really well made and it is usefull for old old Honda cars.. it has really good materials and it seems it will not be broken soon..
    Great tool but anyway I did not test it on any car using ELM327.
    If you are looking for a 3 Pin Male to 16 Pin Female OBD Diagnostic Adapter Cable for Honda (10cm)here it is, do not doubt on purchasing from Deal Extreme!
  • Greate Connectors

    posted by nguhg

    Fits Perfect with all outer Brands off XLR Connectors. Very simple to disassemble for Soldering. The Connector itself is not made out of Thermoplastic so it is simple to solder.The Connector is prepared for Solder so the Solder flows right in. The Connector is Ready to use and the Cord is connected in 1 Minute.
    10 times cheaper then baying them Local. on the Plug sight the Holes are Through the full Plug.
    Great deal!!! Already ordering an other Set.

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