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3 mode bicycle light

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3 mode bicycle light Customers Reviews

  • Only 2 amps

    posted by TrackpadManiac

    Really really bright light, and lasts for quite a long time on a single charge.(when i say really bright... i mean REALLY bright.)it has a really nice focal point as well, and good distribution around the beam
    i'd recommend buying a multi cell charger from hoby king.... it charges the batteries quite nice. and will be able to charge all your battery powered products nice and quick
    for the price, its a really good light, however its not as bright as it could be... but its already stupidly bright, and can easily blind people on the road if not aimed right.the rubber mount can also swing the whole light around if you go over bumps
  • Fantastic light for the price

    posted by Chips11

    great light. Flood-to-throw slider is fairly stiff, so it won't accidently slide to a new position.It's nice that it takes both AAA and 18650 cell.Sturdy light, no issues with being heavily shook around (like while riding a bike).
    I use this for mountain biking through the forest at night. 2 of these on my handle bar provide more than enough light for trail rides. Easily lasts 2 hours with quality 18650 batteries.
    Amazing flashing for this price.
  • Product is good

    posted by SausageBeast

    Light is very well constructed. Outer housing is all aluminum, inner reflective piece around LED's is all aluminum and has a glass lens. Two rubber o-rings seal unit. Light is very bright! Switch has three settings: very bright, less bright, and strobe. Nice pattern from light lights up wide area.
    Good light, took incredibly too long to receive order.
    I will not be ordering from dx.com ever again only because it took 34 consecutive days to receive my package. I will stick with amazon from now on
  • Great led lights for the front of your bike

    posted by facuibarra

    Its very easy to put it on your handlebar
    The 3 modes of lightning its great.
    The leds are very bright
    Build quality its great
    I would like to put it on my front suspension of the bike but the silicone seems to be going to break.. this its only for the thin parts of your bike.
    The button to switch on/off its very harder but not a con...
    The product is more than I expected, if you go out at the nigt in your bike, then have to buy it!
  • Gread bicyle solar light

    posted by ernho

    Is very small and light weight., you can put it on you pocket and you would not notice you have it. Brights leds, the first light mode is funny but i don't think is usable. It has a nice aluminum body which I find really great for durability. It says to be water resistant I have not tested it. Easy to remove from the bike.
    The bicycle holder plastic quality should be improved
    In general I am happy with it, I also bought one in red. If they had also it with withe light would be awsom.

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