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3 mode bicycle light

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3 mode bicycle light Customers Reviews

  • Best choice

    posted by urfinus

    Excellent light for small money. Quality housing with protection from water. 7 bright LEDs make the bike visible in the night. Very easy to use and to put batteries in.
    If you need a good light for a little money, it will be the best choice. 2 AAA battery will work for a long time. Detailed review can be found at http://theurfinus.livejournal.com/52061.html
    This is a very usefull tail light. Best choice.
  • Awesome bicycle rear light!

    posted by hansi001

    * Solarpanel and internal battery, so almost no need to charge it from USB, unless you ride at night and park your bike in a garage with the light on the bike.* More then bright enough.* VERY small and lightweight!* 3 very useful modes (I use the movement-mode the most with blinking from left to right).* Good looking* High quality materials (see cons)* Waterresistant. I have left it outside on my bike since the day I got it, and there is no sign of water getting in anywhere.* Fast charging from USB (1-2 hours)* Long battery duration on movement-mode (have not tested the other modes much).
    This is the absolute best buy I have ever done here at DX, and I'm going to order an extra light for my kid.This light is more than bright enough, durable and high quality. If you have a bike, you're mad NOT to buy one. I'm not joking! And dude! Look at the price!
    This is by far the best product I have bought on DX. The packaging is SUPER nice, the build quality is SUPER and my overall experience with this product is nothing but perfect!
  • Incredibly Bright and noticable

    posted by simonsays

    Incredibly bright and visible, the alternating strobe setting is the most visible and noticeable rear light I've ever seen.Excellent visibility to drivers since one bulb is always on yet the flashing is still there.
    Still works great but be careful where you point it, the flashes are very intense
    Best Light I've seen here on DX
  • One in the pack of two is broken

    posted by MaEcTPo

    It's ok, I have very similar item for a long time and it's very useful. It's lightweight and easy to install and uninstall from bike. Also you can install it whereever you want on your bike, not only under saddle like other lighters do.
    I've ordered one pack and one of two is broken and doesn't work. Don't know how to fix it at all.
    I recomend to have it. It's useful, light is visible and your ride will be safe.
  • GREAT!! RECOMMENDED!! gonna buy more!

    posted by yonygg

    It's great and durable.
    The button doesn't get pressed when it's being stored in my saddle bad when not in use, and so the battery doesn't run out.
    Has 3 operation modes:
    1. Strobe (like an airplane's strobe light)
    2. Flash
    3. Constant ON
    4. OFF (dahh!)
    It catches attention which makes it safer to ride like that on the bicycles.
    The light intensity is strong.
    It's not wasting a lot of battery. I've been using it for over 4 month now (though not every day) and still no sign of drainage on the battery, while on other LED light I had to change batteries few times.
    Visable through a wide range of angles.
    I LOVE IT!
    buy it now!
    buy few!
    I'm actually going to buy more now..
    (and no, I'm not getting paid for saying that :-) )


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