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3 meter cable Customers Reviews

  • Minijack 4p - DVD players

    posted by Moens

    Product has just to be plugged in and works perfect.Can be used as a replacement for my Philips DVD-player connection (which was not included).Pricewise there is a benifit of 500 percent.
    Adviable for all 4p MJ to AV connections of all kind of DVD-players and other electronic equipment.
    Very acceptabel product, good qualite and excellent price.
  • Much cheaper than local...

    posted by E_Man

    Tested out with an ATI video card and a Sharp 32 inch 1080p TV. Was able to output 1360x768 resolution easily enough. The TV and the video card both support 1920x1080 though. It's also nice that you don't have to worry about any adapters.
    I know that the TV-computer combination is capable of 1920x1080, I have it working now with the included DVI-HDMI adapter that came with the video card and an HDMI cable purchased from here.
    I'm not overly confident about this purchase, but that happens sometimes. I'm going to find someone else to test it out to see if they can get better results. Maybe I needed a DVI end with less than 24 pins. I'm really not quite sure.
  • great price not passive

    posted by riskinhos

    it's an external active GPS antenna with a MMCX connector. Great for improving GPS receivers signal. And really great price. It's small and light you can carry it on your pocket.
    it has a magnet. it's not a passive GPS antenna. voltage: 3.0-5.0V. it will drain your battery fast if you use an handheld gps or something with a small battery. Best used for cars.
    I would prefer a passive one. There isn't any for sale at DX. a major flaw. I'll ask for one.
  • Great quality for this price!

    posted by Emfaris

    Excellent build quality.The Connectors looks strong.really really reasonable price for this quality guitar cable.
    Go for it, If you're looking for less expensive guitar cable. I use it with GuitarRig, and there's a noticeable noise reduction compared to my previous cable! happy customer!

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