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  • A must have for your filters!

    posted by DFish

    Simple to use, protects your filters from scratches and helps keep them dust free. Relatively good stitching quality, nice material. The inside is a smooth fabric which will help keep your filters from scratching.
    This is my second filter pocket I've bought from DX.
    You can't go wrong with these pockets! Never again will I have to carry around plastic filter cases to protect my filters! Now they fit in a nice little pocket that tucks away nicely in my camera bag. A must buy!
  • Excellent thing!

    posted by Babarin

    This flashlight is very small-sized. It uses 3 AAA battery with adapter (in stock) and this is very good. I can buy AAA battery anywhere in country, and 18650 are hard to find. Besides 18650-3xAAA adapter you'll get hand strap and head mount, both are very usefull. Actually, when my mom saw this flashlight, she just took it away from me, so this extra are lying somewhere. But they were good!Overall build quality is high, for every shipped item. Hand and head mounts are soft and have good grip, AAA adapter perfectly fits batteries and flash, flashlight itself is made of high quality plastic/glass material.
    BTW, there is no ANY modes except ON and OFF. Mind it, please. It's not a con for me (never was), but you can think otherwise
    If you need a bright LED flaslight, based on 3 AAA batteries with head mount - just buy this one
  • Bright, Better than Expected

    posted by Richsifu

    Well made, nice looking and nice design, strong clip, glow in the dark tail cap, nice bezel, smaller than a Maglite XL series light, very bright, nice color temp, good solid feeling switch, switches easily between modes with a slight touch.
    I like the strobe on this one too, it's fast but not super fast as many lights. about 9-10 flashes per second which I like as opposed to the normal 15-20 per second on most lights.
    Beam shines very far when focused and lights up a great area on flood. Almost no artifacts in the flood beam pattern.
    I have a few of these same type of lights, just about the exact same ones I got from Ebay for a little more money, but this one beats them all. It is considerably brighter and the whiter light makes it appear even brighter still and adds to the visibility of the light itself.
    Focus is very tight so you can see the shape of the LED as usual with this type of convex lens light, but even then the square is larger than the others I have making a larger spot and lighting up a larger area.
    Great EDC light. The belt clip is strong. Hard to get on your pants or belt but other than if you were doing cartwheels or back handsprings, I don't think it's going to fall off at all.
    Great light for the money, better than the ones sold on Ebay, I'm considering getting another one.
  • Like this camera a lot

    posted by biebsje

    Very cute designphotos are more or less good quality, if you compare it with another analog-camera.De 3-style lens is original and works great! the price is so cheap.
    fun to use, people can't believe it is a real camera and not a toy. I like it so much!my expectations weren't that high because of the low price, but it's a very good camera, very light and compact also.
    do not hesitate! very cheap and fun fun fun
  • Exactly as pic but flawed in design

    posted by Jacephoto

    Works well. looks 100% like the picture provided by manufacturer. water proof and well made.
    Should have transparent see-through holder. This can help in finding your filter. Or find a way to label the filter holder.
    Unless you find a way to stick a label, you are better off buying a transparent holder.

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