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3 leds 12v Customers Reviews

  • Bright !!!!

    posted by AHMED111

    BrightLow Power consumptionWhite color tonelow heat radiationfits perfectly in my car trunk light socketvery much less heat that my original incandenscent bulbsi will not care as much as before if i lift my trunk not fully closed , since my battery should not die
    i ordered 2 other bulbs sku.290748 0.8w for my license plate, but i got an error in my instrument cluster (numberplate light not working) they are working fine for five seconds but then the car cuts the power to them and displays error( they don't pull as much load as the original bulbs, hence the car thinks they are burnt out) they work fine for interior though( vanity mirror) DX sells error free bulbs, search for error free festoon and you'll find them, but in my openion they are counter productive they use extra resistor to simulate higher current, my goal in switching to led is to reduce the load on my alternator and lengthing my battery life if i somehow forgot my lights on or doors not closed very well , Cars only care for exterior lighting and cuts power if the car( thinks) there is problem.
    Thanks Dealextreme
  • DX Mini Review by Resbalador

    posted by resbalador

    -Real blue light (luz azul real).-Low consummation (bajo consumo).-Good price (buen precio).-Good finished (buen acabado).-Its 1/1 with the original bulb.-A good BOX.
    Tested on a Mercedes Benz E220 CDI.
    If you wants blue leds and a good price, choose them. Its a good buyer so dont have fear :D
  • Saving money

    posted by Aspecam

    The materials are good and the bulb looks elegant. 3w is very low comparing with the normal ones of 20 or 50w, the light it is a bit less but I think you would save a lot of money. It fits Ok in every hole. The light is perfect for a bathroom or similar. It is the same has the expensive ones of knowed brands.
    Like all the leds the light is very directly, it would be great a light more open, with more grades.
    In the description of the product, is written: "- Color temperature:2700-6300K" . This is wrong, the color temperature it is what it is put on the tittle: +-6300K
  • Great..but...

    posted by Jozinho

    I find these lights very cool. They are well made, But as someone else said, the controller is a little wimsy.
    Cool to scare friends with and so on. Please read the con, as I will mention something important there.
    Great product, but really anoying that it didnt came done with a cigarette plug. Dunno why they did that..
    Great product. Buy it if you want to be police.. :P
  • Good choice

    posted by shevmi

    Turns on instantly, no need to wait until the light heats up.Very low consumption.Very bright. High-quality housing.White light.
    Great choice for halogen replacement. Highly recommended.
    I will buy another to replace my other bulb that dims at 10 volts

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