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3 led light car

On this page, you can find a wide selection of 3 led light car. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. You can also browse led light cable car, led light car bmw. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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3 led light car Customers Reviews

  • Good product and functional

    posted by Lokura87

    Very good functioning when pressing the buttons to select the function that is wants, makes the same signals as a police car Real but in less space and are very dissimulated in sight and can be put at any site
    Is perfect if you have an emergency and there are no police around
    lights are fun and they work great for any emergency situation, with friends or concentrations
  • Fits 7440 Bulb Type

    posted by PGT96

    I'll start by saying that I actually bought the wrong bulbs... I intended to use these to replace my reverse lamps, and didn't bother to actually take out the original bulbs first to confirm the bulb size, instead assuming that it was 7440 (like my rear running lights). Unfortunately, my reverse bulbs are actually 921's. However, I temporarily tested these in my rear running light position, and they are indeed bright.
    Good build quality, but the relative angle between the three LEDs and the base, meant that I could not install them such that the triangle of the LEDs would be sitting perfectly up or down.
    My own fault for not making sure that these were exactly the right bulbs I needed before buying... if they had been, then it's a great deal for the price and quality!
  • Great for bicycle

    posted by Ingustan

    Vibrant colors and bright light. The flicker is cool and it's quite sensitive to motion. Very fun and cool gift for the kids. Great at night.
    The original idea was to get them for my car, and also to test them on my bike. When I got a hold of them I realized they are too heavy for a car unless you're willing to couple them with new balancers and rebalance the wheels. I would not recommend them for cars also because of their size as it would have detrimental effects at higher speeds where aerodynamics and centrifugal force are more significant. For bicycles, however, they are great! I put them on my little brother's bike and he had an amazing time that evening.
    Great for bicycles. May be too large for cars.
  • Fancy lights

    posted by Rozi1992

    Real fun for low budget. Light shine very bright. Easy to mount. Everybody is looking back to see what is running on the street.Included baterries last for really long time.
    I recommend this lights. Really fun to use it. And the most important thing, you are more visible to other traffic users.
    Great deal.
  • Good price. Only

    posted by lsgimenes

    Good price, very white light (not bluish), good built quality. For 1,90 it's a average buy. I recommend SKU 51002 (it's better than this)
    I used in my car for 2 months, it's not more bright than the original incandescent bulb, it's just more economic and white. The middle Led burn and i bought another led light, with 9 SMD Led 2W (sku 51002). It's a little more expansive, but it's better than that.
    For this price, it's a average buy, but you can buy a very better LED light with just a very little more expensive price.

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