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3 led lamp

Buy a 3 led lamp from DX.com! It's your best choice. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. led lamp e27 or led head lamp contains many hot and popular products. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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3 led lamp Customers Reviews

  • zeer goede lichtopbrengst

    posted by ergunyanbul

    it is a product that I'm amazed. It brings very good light output! I think it is a good quality, compared to quality there price ratio. it gives no error message and the LED do not flash. I've used it on my license plate lights.
    I'm definitely going to buy more of this product. Of course you must do something about the price ;)
    i have no bottom lines.....
  • Nice and Bright

    posted by ambience

    Very bright lights.Can be used as a torch or as a work lamp (torch when using the 4 LEDs on the side; worklamp when using the 24 LED array). Very easy to place in a semi-location due to strong battery on reverse. I have this torch in my wardrobe.
    Very good price
    I find this perfect for a wardrobe light and the torch is a free extra! I'm very impressed at how bright the lights are, and battery drain is minimal.
  • Bright !!!!

    posted by AHMED111

    BrightLow Power consumptionWhite color tonelow heat radiationfits perfectly in my car trunk light socketvery much less heat that my original incandenscent bulbsi will not care as much as before if i lift my trunk not fully closed , since my battery should not die
    i ordered 2 other bulbs sku.290748 0.8w for my license plate, but i got an error in my instrument cluster (numberplate light not working) they are working fine for five seconds but then the car cuts the power to them and displays error( they don't pull as much load as the original bulbs, hence the car thinks they are burnt out) they work fine for interior though( vanity mirror) DX sells error free bulbs, search for error free festoon and you'll find them, but in my openion they are counter productive they use extra resistor to simulate higher current, my goal in switching to led is to reduce the load on my alternator and lengthing my battery life if i somehow forgot my lights on or doors not closed very well , Cars only care for exterior lighting and cuts power if the car( thinks) there is problem.
    Thanks Dealextreme
  • Great sensor light

    posted by modreamarin

    Great device for people who need light in hallways or small rooms only for the time in which they stay (and move/pass) in there.Provided you use good batteres, the lights are strong, without "hurting" your eyes - if you do not look straight in them, that is!
    5 stars for the multiple-choice catching system: magnets, holes for nails AND a hook for the eventuality you already have a "free" nail in your wall to use.
    Useful and heartily recommended, provided you use good batteries.
  • Very bright lantern

    posted by Bismarck84

    The lantern is very bright. Is easy to use and uses standard AA batteries that you can find them in every store and they are compatible with other flashlight.Nice light that allows you to read / lunch and move inside a tent without any problem.Also works as an emergency light.
    I will definitely buy another one since this one was a present and the person who received was happy with this.
    If you need a small lantern for camping or backup i recommend buy one of this. Also good for DIY projects

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