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3 led flashlight

Check out the great 3 led flashlight to see if there is any that suits you. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. View more by looking at small led flashlight, green led flashlight. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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3 led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Cute flashlight

    posted by reueuse

    + Flashlight is just thick enought to be safely mounted on bicycle with sku.8274.
    + Comes with a strap.
    + Driver limits the current flowing through LED (see below).
    + Has bright (high) mode and long runtime (low) mode, plus fast blinking mode.
    A piece of mine came with driver, that has one resistor of wrong value (47 ohm instead of 470 ohm) soldered on PCB. As a result there was no overcurrent protection activated (current depended on battery freshness) and flashlight got hot.
    Unsoldering the bad resistor and placing a correct one fixed the trouble.
    Measured current in low mode is about 120 - 140 mA in 3.6 - 4.1 V range of battery voltage.
    In high mode the current before resistor replacing exceeded 1.1 A @ 4.1 V.
    Frequency of strobo mode is about 8 Hz (7.94 Hz measured).
    Driver consists of CX2804 "mode-selecting and blinking" IC and 2SB772 "current-limiting" PNP transistor.
  • Great little light!

    posted by JohnnyMac

    Great build quality.
    Very bright.
    Nice beam quality.
    Perfect finish.
    Side switch.
    Fits a protected 16340 Li-Ion
    This is a great little light. Not the shortest CR123 sized light but that is due to the side switch. Still very small and far from the longest of it's type. Switch is very nice as is general build quality. Nice threads and o-rings.
    Great design with the side switch. Very easy to use and change modes. Fits in pocket and doesn't leave you worrying about it coming on accidentally. I highly recommend it.
  • Hard plastic 3-in-1 LED lens

    posted by Korkonen

    3-in-1 LED lens made of hard plastic material. The three lenses (and hence LEDs) are grouped quite tight together, enabling flashlight/bike light construction with three power LEDs within 50mm diameter. Seems to produce a nice beam with little light lost through the sides. Flat front plastic eliminates the need for a separate cover glass.
    The opening in the lens is a little bigger than your typical power LED, and so allows small adjustment to get perfectly symmetric beam. On the other hand provides some tolerance on the relative positioning of the LEDs when mounting them on a (metal) heatsink
    A good 3-in-1 LED lens for building a flash light, head light or a bike light etc.
  • Lots of light in a decent package

    posted by ferenctoth570

    + The light seems well made.+ You get a lot of light in a fairly small form factor.+ The added modes give you extra runtime and close range usability.+ There are O-rings: one in front of the lens, one at the head split, one at the body-head joint and two at the tailcap. I would say it is dunk-proof.
    The tail switch provides a cheaper, simpler solution than a side switch, but it is less comfortable to use, especially with such a head-heavy lamp.The emitted light is somewhat purple on a white wall. Quite floody, but compensates with pure power.
    It is a nice lamp for the price. It needs only a few minor additions (lube, O-ring swap) to make it ready for use.If you need quite a lot of light at hand, I would recommend this.
  • Fantastic!

    posted by himrx8

    This light is fantastic! I was reading the reviews of this and other flashlights, and decided to get this. I absolutely got what I'm looking for.
    Used 2AA batteries. It's bright!
    Yes there are modes, but it's EASY to get used to.
    Off -> High Power -> Off -> Low Power -> Off -> Strobe -> Off -> High Power ....
    But if you wait 30seconds or more while off, it goes back to High Power the next time you turn it on. Quite simple. And it's not like the button is hard to push. You can cycle through the different modes quite quickly.
    And I personally like the strobe mode just in case you ever need to get attention.
    This is a great flashlight. Even though I never bought any other flashlights from this sight, I am extremely satisfied with it.

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