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3 hd Customers Reviews

  • Superb video quality

    posted by ecotack

    The 1080p video quality is superb.No wavy motion lines that you get on cheap action cameras.Crystal clear video, sharp, true colours and works well in bright or dark situations.Plenty of mounting options.Waterproof case.Mounts compatible with leading brand.Screen on the back for setting up your shot.Time laps.I could go on and on and on here...
    I bought this after watching the TechMoan reviews and was not disappointed. With the exchange rate at the moment this camera is less than £57. I can't find anything else in this price range with the same video quality.Check it out on YouTube, better quality than the leading brands budget model.Battery life is the only real problem. If the manufacturer could add a waterproof USB port it would be perfect.
    You can't get better for under $100 or £100 for that matter. Don't risk any other makes models, buy this one (also available in pink).
  • Bought it again

    posted by Nocautebr

    It's very cheap and reliable accessories. Great alternative for other more expensive models. Good price, quality seems ok, and it mates perfectly with the official go-pro gear.
    Official Gopro Hero accessories would cost about six/eight times more in Brazil. The quality is very near to the original. I don't recommend to force screw to shape and fit it in the nut.
    Great price and great quality! buy one or even two! These are great as gifts if you know a gopro owner!
  • Great Produkt

    posted by Filboo

    This is what my Gopro need's!Good build quality. Looks Professional. Usefull at Home and also in the Car. I use it in germany and need an Adapter. But it works from 100V-240V AC!12V Car Plug is inside.The carger is easy to use. Insert the battery and the LED tell you if its full.The rebuild Li-ion Battery works great. I only use the DSTE Battery. I have a little bit more power and i can save the original one.
    I can only recommend it
  • Gopro mounting holder

    posted by klkpyou

    Good quality..I don't find much difference from the genuine one, I used one on my car and it seems to hold pretty well even after it had been raining a couple of times.
    good price if compared to original gopro holders. I guess that I would order some more sometime soon
    I guess it's a good buy for it's price.bottomline is just a piece of plastic so there's nothing to be concerning about.
  • Great case for a GoPro 3+

    posted by TheMarlinSeat

    This case is excellent for carrying all of your Gopro accessories and the camera. The foam insert fits snugly and provide very good protection for the fragile camera parts. The handle and strap are good for carrying the case, the outer material is durable and the zipper seems of good quality.
    Great value for the money paid, the case is the perfect size for fitting into back packs or carry bags. If you are looking for a small, inexpensive and durable GoPro camera case, this is a good buy.

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