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3 digit voltmeter Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by djherceg

    Bright and easily readable. Blue display. Needs about 4 volts to operate. Connect the red wire to plus, black to minus, and the third one to the source you with to measure. I will built this voltmeter into my DC power source which I use in my amateur electronic workshop.
    At $4.3 this item is a bargain. I don't know how accurate it is, but at that price who can complain?
    A must have for any self-respecting amateur electronics builder.
  • Just great

    posted by nanino

    Separate Sens from Vcc of the device. Adjustment Works great. Nice color and brightness. The cable has a connector in case you want to change it (I did)
    Just buy it if you need something like it. Accurate and cheap
    I'm now buying 3 more to complete my electrobench
  • Handy little meter

    posted by astroberi

    Bright, accurate, and very easy to install voltmeter. At first, I ordered one, then two more. I use them to monitor battery voltages on steadycam LCD monitor and lights. Third one is installed in UPS. Can be installed anywhere that needs voltage monitoring form 4 -30 V DC
    This is a panel mount version, if DX offered a fully enclosed version I am sure it would find many customers. A module only (no case) version is also offered on the site, with red and blue displays respectively.
    If you need a easy to read (esp in dark) cheap and accurate voltmeter, get it.
  • Perfect for observing VW Beetle 1200 mk1974 system voltage (6 Volts)

    posted by Heinzl

    The display is used to observe the voltage level of my VW Beetle 1220 mk 1974 with 6 Volts system before starting and while driving. One only has to connect the two wires at the right points to make it work when voltage is applied. The refreshment rate of the display is just right so you don't get nervous from digits changing if voltage level changes.
    I have ordered a second display for further experiments.
    Great, I love the blue digits!
  • Great Voltmeter!

    posted by michalwu

    Small boardVery good solder -high quality surface mounted, I was amazed really!Useful range (4.5 - 30V is more than I will ever use)No additional power source needed.Low power consumption.There is a trimpot, and you can calibrate it when needed.PCB is very small, but you have two mounting holes on edges!
    You can use it in in many many DIY projects, will fit anywhere!I am going to fix it to home emergency power supply unit.
    I recommend buying this Voltmeter.Will work as expected.

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