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3 cree xm-l t6 Customers Reviews

  • Very bright!

    posted by bear123

    - beautiful finish - 2500lm+ for sure- great flood- smooth reflector with no rings in the light- 6x 18650 = long run time- variable brightness- battery indicator LED- IPX8 waterproof - the wall of light this creates still travels 150 meters for a flooder lol, just barely but it does
    - Comparing this to the new Skyray King with the XMLU2 emitters the L3 is brighter so I would believe that it is at least 2500lm+. The thing is this is not as much of thrower. The Skyray King has a slightly tighter hot spot. So they both make it out to the 150 meter mark but the L3 is less bright at that range. However flooding an area right in front of you the L3 fills well. In ceiling bounce tests the L3 was about 10% brighter than the Skyray King. Both of those flashlights tail stand well and create more light than my standard living room lamps in that configuration LOL. Bright flashlights!
    It's a great looking flashlight with cool features. If the driver was executed better it could easily be in my top 5 flashlights. I am not disappointed in owning this flashlight since there is nothing else with this cool interface!
  • Ultrafire E7 Cree XMLT6

    posted by vg250

    Great size, balances good in the hand.Plenty of light and quite a large beam.The ability to switch to AAA batteries or 18650 battery is a big plus.Solid construction - I wouldn't worry if I dropped it as it is well constructed.
    Would make a good package with a battery and charger
    Great product for the money, would recommend purchase to others
  • Perfect for this price

    posted by EpRoM

    +Ultra Clear glass lens, Smooth and clean aluminium reflectors. I have never seen this features at this price level. +Perfect machining work. Every part contacts flawlessly. +Unique design. +Take longest 18650s with no problem+Driver modes consume 1580mA on High, 800mA on Medium, 180mA on Low +10500lux @1m (not bad for 3 small reflector and underdriven xm-l's)+Texas Instruments LM358+Vanilla White Led chroma
    *I have bought lots of flashlight at this price range but this flashlight is perfect.*Very good designed host. I want to buy the host alone and use xp-e or xp-g neutral whites for more throw capability.
    For this price no one can be disappointed.
  • Extremely brightly

    posted by acahe

    It say that it is 600lm but it seems to have even more lumens.The zoom is very useful and very easy to use it.Long time working with 2 batteries.
    I always use it with the maximum zoom for close.But you can zoom out to see something in the distance. It's nice.
    I think that this head lamp is the best value for money.Other headlamps have 5 modes but I think three modes are enough.

    posted by khaglun

    WOW. I had not expect this power in this. His is as bright as the LedLanser T7 blue head light that i tought i lost, so i bout this one. I found it now, and compared this two. And WOW. For this price - BUY THIS ONE!!!! You save alot of monay and you get the same aswome light. And it is lighter than the LedLanser. So yeah. I can buy manny of this to the serch and rescue team.
    If it was posible to change to AA batteries this is the next generaton.
    Buy it before they sell out. Ore i boy them all!

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