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You can find fashionable 3 cree t6 at a low price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse cree t6 26650 and cree 6 t6. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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3 cree t6 Customers Reviews

  • very bright headlight

    posted by brbrbrbrbr

    Very bright headlight. Easy to use. Do not look in the light. It willl give you a headdeck. There are three ways to make light: low high and alarm mode. Simple but usefull. I dont know how muchh time it will take to empty the batterys but the llight is great. Four batterys AA. Quite enough power. Vertical adjustment light is ok. Zooming is good but sometimes to easy.
    Compared to the Petzl it is good for your money. I find it verry comforable to wear dispite of the weight. I think I prefere this above my 65 euro headlight.
    Buy it. It is good. For the money it is a lot off light for that price. It must be great for camping, hiking, climbing etc
  • Excellent!

    posted by rndwu3qou3rlr

    Very, very bright indeed. Can easily replace a floodlight. Very easy to use, just press the button and there you go. Long battery life thank's to the many batteries. It's very short so it's easily stowed.
    I use it as a searchlight on my boat and it surpasses anything else I ever had before. Thank's to the long battery life i lasted one whole season without recharging. It replaced the halogen light I had before that required a long cable connected to my main battery. That's now a thing of the past!
    Probably one of the best buys for a powerful flashlight! Recommended.
  • Nice torch

    posted by Slugsie

    Sturdy, and mostly well made. The pump action beam focus has a nice smooth action. The bright setting is nice and bright, the dim provides a good light that is perfect for reading etc. The strobe setting ... strobes. The beam is very even at maximum angle, and narrows to a bright square at the other end. The clip easily allows it to be clipped up or down.
    This is a great LED torch running off a single 18650. Apart from the gritty thread on the tail cap I can't really fault it.
    It's a bit too big to keep in a trouser pocket, but sling it in a bag and it's perfect to carry around.
  • Simple and useful

    posted by falcon1990

    + small+ excellent light output for the price+ reading light/low beam is very useful when using the lamp for night orienteering like i do+ power cable seems to stand even in temperatures -20 C+ connectors are "updated" so they have a small rubber collar on the battery pack's connector that should keep it connected and waterproof. Not as good as magiclight's connectors, though. I may still change this original ones to ones from sku. 32753 like i've done earlier.+ battery condition indicator light is on only when the light is turned on unlike in magicshine's lights. doesn't kill the battery if you forget it connected.
    The low beam/XPG led is quite useless with the original setup as it is mainly focused on a tight spot. It is more useful to have it modded on to flood light that lights up surroundings more widely. I've done it succesfully with sku. 13983. It need a bit of modification but takes less than 30mins to complete.
    Great light for camping, hiking, outdoor, jogging, multisport and orienteering. I even use it for car repairs, although the battery pack's cable is quite annoying in tight places like while being under the car.
  • little sun

    posted by mcmisak

    I like to work in versions with two batteries. Lights up very strongly - as a small sun.
    quite heavy in hands after longer time. I recommend using the battery type 26650. The batteries Ultrafire BRC 18650 3600mAh is at full power about 45 minutes.
    +++ very useful battery. I call it small sun. Excellent helper in an automobile workshop forest garden etc.

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