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3 cree lamp

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3 cree lamp Customers Reviews

  • Great biking light!

    posted by daihard

    Super bright, well built, looks good, and super floody/throwy.
    Rear switch dosent glow like many other bike lights. On the other hand, your batteries probably will last longer since the rear glowing switch tend to "Vampire" your batteries slowly.You really only need to use the 2 LEDs. The 3rd LED really only increases your flood, there is very little increase in brightness benefit.
    SUPER FLOOD and very nice throw. The perfect light you want for your handel bars.The other single LED lights, have to much of a spot so they are better suited for helment/head mount.
  • Value for money!

    posted by a1arn

    Tight spot, and very compact, but there is acceptable spread outside the spot as well. Easy to fit in a custom casing. Significantly brighter than a standard 100W halogen lamp. The wide voltage range means that it's a plug in fit into any car bike (no drivers needed).
    A glass cover over the lens would be nice so as to prevent dust from getting inside the reflector. Much easier to clean flat glass than a reflector. This can easily be fabricated, though
    Bought for my bike, this is an excellent off road light, can easily be fitted into a compact and light housing, with far less power consumption than bulkier and heavier halogen assemblies throwing the same light.
  • the best choice for the price

    posted by Demik1

    low price. bright light. I was surprised at how powerful this light is shining. perhaps this is the best light I've ever held in my hands
    definitely worth buying this lamp and you will be very happy with your purchase.
    I am very pleased with the purchase. Soon new year. I know that I will give to your friends :)
  • Good, but needed fixing first

    posted by mmmfergus

    Very bright with a decent spread for off roading. The battery pack is nice an compact and water resistant, not tried in but should be fine in a light shower, certainly not waterproof but could be made so with a bit of sealant. Its is very cheap for the amount of light you get
    Only one rubber band for fixing and it is a little big. Makes fitting easier but is not as secure. Would have preferred to have a couple to choose from.
    It has its shortcomings but is really good for the price, just be prepared to get your soldering iron out!

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