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3 color light

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3 color light Customers Reviews

  • one thing that seems to light up but it's another, but functional

    posted by DericoRS

    beautiful and interesting products such as lanterns and lights always attract attention, being relatively small and portable you can take anywhere and will always draw attention for design and ease of use.
    apart from the fact that light could actually come from within the rest of the drivers this all right.
    one thing that seems to light up but it's another, but functional
  • Shiny colourful mushroom

    posted by Mannryu

    - Shines well- Small and light, can place it everywhere you want- Colour pattern slowly changes in intervals, doesn't blink or pulsate- Light isn't sharp, the material makes it slightly dimmed, so it's not heavy on the eyes. Makes it a lovely background decoration
    - It's so tiny! It can fit into your palm and there's still going to be some room left- Colour pattern is slightly unusual, but amusing.- Battery compartment is easy to remove, so you can change batteries with ease.
    I bought it as a decoration and that's exactly what it is. It's not useful but the changing lights give off a calming vibe, especially with that happy face the mushroom has. Could probably be well used as a night light for children. It's just simply adorable.
  • Icicle not string lights

    posted by bassborg

    - Very bright and colourful LEDs
    I bought this for a project I was working on. I really wanted a simple string of lights, but these are in an icicle type arrangement, with varying length strings of each colour branching off the main wiring. Instead of a string of red-orange-blue-green repeated, there are strings of the different colours. And there are too many orange ones!!!! Are they cheaper than other colour LEDs? In addition, despite there being four colours of LED, the LEDs are wired into the controller so that the blue and green LEDs are on the same phase, so the blue and green LEDs light up together in every sequence.
    Probably the biggest issue is that they're not a true string.
    For me, they weren't exactly what I needed but for most people they'll be perfect for a christmas tree.
  • party bulb

    posted by dsheikh

    This light is a work of art! The three colors and multiple lens angles create a pleasing display on the walls. The lights change in a repeating pattern and several bulbs may be synchronized by turning them on one at a time. Great for parties and dancing.
    This is a nice product but its not a grow light.
    I like the light so much, I'm going to purchase a few more.
  • Led Candles multi-coloured light translucent

    posted by lu6dna

    They are bright, shiny, and very cute. Turn on and off with a noise or blow.They are so much decorative. The translucent is nice but low quality.It was a very fast shipping for being lightweight.
    I like the yellow ones, but the multi-coloured are modern.It´s a nice gift for the christmas time, or to decorate the christmas table. It´s nice because looks like real fire light.
    I recommend them. Decorating a dinner table, for special ocations. it´s a good bought.

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