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3 color led flashlight

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3 color led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Girls love it and the sound is really cute

    posted by Gonzule

    Its a really nice keychain and the led light on the mouth is really useful when looking for the right key during the night. The build quality is great, the head is made of hard plastic and the tentacles are soft plastic, so they can be moved and played with.
    It is really cute and nice
    nice keychain for a very nice price.
  • good laser and flashlight with s.o.s

    posted by JUAKOFULL

    the laser is of very good quality, the range is impressive. flashlight stays on when you press the button, if you press it again, starts flashing like SOS or party. THE CASE IS ALL METAL, AND MEASURES LIKE A BATTERY AAA
    has space for keys. I think it's a great gift. is very small, we all would like to have as a keychain, very practical tools
    perfect for gifts, or play with your cat, or prank people. and the lantern, you have never been so handy, you can not help but always carry with you
  • A tiny light show.

    posted by gasbag11

    One of the best little "fun" lights I've bought at DX. Seems pretty sturdy. Hold down the front button (near the lens) and the laser comes on. Click the other button once, and the flashlight comes on and stays on. Click it again and the "light show" starts. Click again and it shuts off.
    The white led is useful as a keychain light, or finding something under the bad, or finding a bigger flashlight if the power goes off. The laser works well too, but the best feature is the mini light show. It changes colors and blinks at three different speeds. Very cool.
    It is an actual laser so it's not suggested for little kids, but it's great for big kids like me. I'll have to make sure my 7 year old granddaughter doesn't see it. LOL
  • Very Good Flashlight for beekeepers.

    posted by m1007

    Very Good Flashlight for beekeepers. Bees does not respond for red light. Bee's do not see red light at 640-650nm. This red LED has dominant wavelegth about 627-630nm. BUT IT WORKS ! See my videos. Bees do not respond or react for this light. Professional, cheap, constructive, with exellent quality, what else ?
    Can stay on bottom.
    Ideal flashlight for beekeepers.

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