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3 channel Customers Reviews

  • very easy to operate, very good for the price

    posted by alphtrion

    Extremely easy to install - just plug it in and connect your lamp (or any other appliance to it)the included remote is easy and convenient, one button for on, one button for off, no problemgreat range, went anywhere in my house and was still able to operate it without any issues, even through walls
    good quality for the price
    no thinking twice, if you want a cheap but very functional piece of home automation, this is the product for you
  • very funny

    posted by jordinett

    The specifications are true, so in my case the battery lasted as it's expected to last, I've received the item in good conditions and everything works fine. I have nothing to complain.
    I'm very carefull with the helicopter, and it's still in perfect conditions. when I see it's going near the wall or anything like chairs, I stop the throttle so it's stop, and I try to make it landing softly.
    If you are not carefull with this.. it can be broken easily, for example if you wit a wall or the sealing with full throttle.the building quality is enough good.
  • Almost perfect

    posted by thanar

    - Plain simple rc toy. You can't go wrong with it, it's just what you'd expect. - Control is simple, forward / backwards on one key, left / right on the other.- Speed is good, faster than a walking adult.- Lights are bright LEDs, a little brighter than I'd like (see below).- Sound is nice, using around 4 or 5 train loops. A bit loud though (see below).- The wheels have rubber rings, which is very nice since it accelerates quickly even on slick surfaces.- Comes with rechargeable batteries and charger.
    - This toy should come with NiMH batteries, instead of NiCd, tried them and work fine. The controller had a different (rubber) antenna in my case, but that doesn't seem to make any difference.- The overall build quality of the toy is almost perfect, with sturdy plastics and late-tech extras, except from the steering wheel unit which seems a bit of a poor design to me.
    I would buy this toy again, with a hope that the steering wheels would be better this time. I suggest to anyone perfectionist out there not to buy this toy, if accuracy is of the essence, but then you can't expect such virtue from a toy.
  • Interesting, and somewhat useful

    posted by blibbler

    Cheaper than other similar bulbsEasy to select particular colours or brightnessesLots of colour changing functions
    I think this kind of light is best used as a regular light >90% of the time, but have the flexibility to change it to something else fairly easily. Unfortunately while it is trivial to set the bulb to a particular colour, it is more difficult to set it to white.
    Its much cheaper than other multicoloured bulbs, and if you are curious about them, it is worth a go.
  • It's a boat RC very fast and fun

    posted by deerme

    It's a boat RC very fast and fun. I tested in a small lagoon in a Park and the behavior is very good. It has a good size, it has enough room inside for whatever you want (add a better battery, LED's, sensors, etc ...), that is my next modding project :P
    Finally have a good price, because here (Chile) not much choice of items R/C.
    Me and my son are very happy with this boat, I'm actually thinking of buying another one (in another frequency) for make a competition.

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