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  • GoPro + DSLR = Fun of the day

    posted by c4ldas

    - Cheap and easy to mount- Fits nicely in hot shoe- Small and discrete
    - Good accessory if you have a GoPro and a DSLR Camera.- Even you don't need for now, maybe you want in the future or in a specific moment.
    You can film with your GoPro and take picture with your DSLR. You can make behind the scenes video, memorize when that picture was taken and make videos for the web.Take amazing photos with your DSLR, but don't forget to register with videos... Definitely fun!
  • Decent for the price

    posted by JoeSnuffie

    Inexpensive, 3 modes, focus and comes with batteries and chargers. Looks nice, too. The Brightness is good for close range use and the focus allows you to have a spot or flood to meet your needs.
    I was pleased that it comes with 2 batteries, even though they aren't great quality. It also came with a car charger and home charger which is nice. The chargers plug directly into the light by twisting the red ring to expose the plug. The light won't work while being charged so don't worry if you try this.
    For $20 this is a good deal. This isn't a high end light but it doesn't cost a lot, either. I'm happy with it. You can't expect too much from a $20 light with batteries and chargers, but this light delivers its worth.
  • I works well!!!

    posted by jytkd

    This kit of joint of SIM cards gets all that you need. If your iPhone dies, you can put your SIM card to another phone. I had one of micro SIM, but with iPhone 5 I needed another for nano SIM.
    Some troubles comes with use along time. Some adapters can become lax and lack of fit of SIM can disturb smartphone use. I think that plastic materials, including the SIM card too, can suffer this wearing out.
    Needful kit for iPhone or other NANO SIM users!
  • Awesome Quality Product

    posted by discosnz

    - Quality Product, For the price you pay, you are getting your moneys worth. The connectors have a low resistance, connect easily and look good.- Soldering, Unlike other types, these xlr connectors are really easy to solder to your cable, they include the well known system of crimping the cable to avoid cable tension on the solder joints too!-They really look like the real deal too! But at less that half the price.
    They look good, and mate well with other connectors. Can be used to DMX applications or Pro sound applications! Or anything really!
    I have worked in the audio industy for quite some time, and these to the exact same job as all the other expensive brands, while saving you lots of money! Great Product! Buy THEM NOW!
  • Great product

    posted by Hans62

    Great product verry cheap good Quality.If you need a female adapter buy this one.Its cheaper then buying a longer cable.I have putit behind my flatscreen against the wall and perfect fit.the other adapters might come in use some other time
    The adapter angle is great if you want to set it behind youre tv/flatscreen against the wall.its verry slim.
    Bottomline is if you need a adapter buy this one its a set and good build quality,dont think just buy it and see for your self


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