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3 aaa Customers Reviews

  • this is no 1-mode flashlight

    posted by korion1980

    Good flashlight very good bright.Zoom is a very nice cuality.At least 100m range Realy a good flashlight, but....
    I bougth this flashlight for camping use, makes her funchion put more than 1 mode is poor for this use, strobe is not necesary good general cuality, realy waterproof, I'll buy a gift for other friends and family, I submit to all of dealextreme, they can buy without fear.
    Good flashlight, but no 1-mode if you look for a flashligth with 1 mode this is not valid
  • not bad for the price

    posted by defjam

    not very expensive, all aluminum construction. feels pretty sturdy, has crenulated/strike bezel, very bright, "3 modes"
    this is a pretty decent flashlight in my opinion. the 1 watt led is very bright. the last mode with the red blinking leds dont seem very useful to me. this doesnt exactly have 3 modes. its 3 modes are HI, HI, and red blinking leds. other than that it seems like a perfectly good and working led flashlight. the all aluminum body makes it feel very solid. it has a crenulated/strike bezel which is really why i bought it and i feel satisfied with it.
    for 5.40, i cant complain. there were no other reviews on this one so i took a stab in the dark with this one to see how it is. this doesnt have the 3 modes it claims it has, but otherwise, its a functioning flashlight so im happy with this purchase.
  • Very Good distant meter

    posted by Loicdelh

    This meter is very efficient, for use when you are alone to make mesurement... it take only 1 second to have the distance, you can calculate the surface or volume automatically, and can mesure the tall of something by using the pythagore theorem. the screen is backlighted. you can choose your distant unit. it's delivered with a case, a strap and the battery.
    I think this tool is very simple to use. we can make a mesurement of a long distant (up to 50 meter) alone....
    you can bought it with closed eyes :)
  • Great product, good price!

    posted by dantulkas

    - Goog finish, aluminium body, very good light from 3xAAA batteries in a small size.- Linterna de buena terminación, tamaño reducido y muy buena luz por ser alimentada a base de 3 pilas AAA
    - Excelent low price pocket size flashlight.- Muy buena linterna por el precio.
    - I recomend this product.- Recomendada para llevarla en la guantera del auto, tenerla en la mesa de luz o para ir de camping.
  • An indispensable device for those who like to have a drink at lunch-dinner

    posted by silmendo

    It’s very easy to use. The English manual explains everything and even gives some tips about drink-driving, results one should expect, etc.It goes off automatically in case we forget to do it after using it.It measures the level of alcohol using three different units of conversion, in order we can adapt it to the system used by the police in every country.
    I’ve tried three different devices and this is the only one who seems to be reasonably accurate. I still haven’t been able to do the final test, that is, compare it’s results with the police devices results, but the tests I’ve done for the last week, some times drinking a little, others a little more, others not drinking at all seem precise.
    This is what you're looking for if you need to feel safe before driving.

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