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3 18650 Customers Reviews

  • Excellent flashlight

    posted by omenapora12

    Very bright and powerful flashlight. Durable construction. Easy to use and change between 3 modes (low, high, strobe). Lightweight. Cool camouflage colour. Very cheap. Weatherproof.
    Tested with these batteries: http://www.dx.com/p/19770Tested in extreme conditions in the army.
    I can highly recommend this if you are looking cheap but durable and powerful flashlight.
  • Powerfull & Compact - Great emergency torch

    posted by lazblack

    One of the few lights with a higher than rated light output level Great spill, Very stable when Tail Standing Tail Standing > Low mode easily provides enough light for general useTail Standing > High mode provides enough light in a fair sized room (5m x 5m aka 15' x 15') to read in any part of the room! (White roof)\Easy to explain to an elderly relative on how to use as the "strobe" mode only comes on if the power button is held downBattery life on low exceeds 4 hours with 4 cells (Trustfire 18650 2400 mAH protected)No parasitic current drain on stand-by (torch not active)
    Perfect emergency torch to keep in the cupboard, the Li ion batteries retain charge very well for over a year, just remember to charge them annually and your set for emergencies
    This is a great multi-purpose torch, excellent tail stand stability - long run time.
  • Sturdy and solid flood light

    posted by Astowv

    Solid buildLow powerconsumptionSlim designLight weightAdjustable brightness (3 modes)The battery type used provides alot of power, resulting in a lot of light for your money. Just be aware to have some way of charging it, or have more batteries to replace them as they are empty.
    Could do with a belt-strap or carry-strap, its a big flashlight, and it does get heavy after a while, even though it is slim and light weight.
    Very good floodlight, and alot of bang for you buck.
  • Good light for the price

    posted by Albertosoto

    Well builtLightNice clip, strong and flexible.Can be fully dissasembled, no glued parts.Glass lens
    I liked the shape of the clip of this flashlight and added it to my basket just to dissasembly and use it on other custom flashlight I made. It feels good on hand, it's light and compact.XR-E Q5 is an old led but still good perfomance for the price.
    Worth the price, you get a nice clip with a nice flashlight to gift :P
  • Very bright and huge flood

    posted by Silentlightning

    Its bright, to the extent of you cant look directly at the spill without severe squinting due the sheer brightness.It quite easily lights up a tree at around 80 metres, not just puts some light on it but lights it up.battery life is decent with the 100 minutes being about right if not more but i haven't tested it for a full timed slot( i went camping with it and it was great)I tested it with a friends light meter today and at around 40-50 centimetres it was reading at 1600 lumens after well over an hour of use on the same batteries
    its spot is quite large and its much more of a flood light than a spot light which means it doesnt have huge range( my http://www.dealextreme.com/p/wf-800-3w-cree-q2-led-flashlight-2x18650-4xcr123a-7-4v-17v-6965 has a longer distance but very little throw)
    Would i consider buying this if i needed another very bright torch?YesIs it the only torch you should buy? i would say no because of its size it would work very well with a smaller torch for close up work and in situations where you really don't need to light up the whole area

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