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  • Very bright

    posted by gizmo8500

    The flashlight is very bright. I have just received 2 of these, and these are my first XM-L T6 lights. They are far brighter than other CREE lights that I own.3 Modes is great. Its about time DealExtreme offers a light with 3 modes instead of the 5 mode lights where you have to cycle through strobe and SOS which no one ever cares to use. The 3 modes are nice, I mostly use high or low since medium isn't that different from high. In low mode it is slightly dimmer than a cree The casing is well built. There are 2 O-Rings for the battery cap. The front screws off so that you can get to the glass, however it seems that the middle portion may be glued so that it won't screw apart. I saw in another thread for a similar flashlight that this may be done for better thermal transmission to the outer casing.
    The thermal transmission seems good as the flashlight warms up quickly when in high mode. I don't leave it in high very long so i don't know how hot it will get and how well it would last in that mode.
    Great light. From the 2 I bought, both seem equal in brightness and functionality so quality control seems adequate. I recommend it for anyone who likes a good flashlight.
  • A nice light, but with some flaws

    posted by EdFromOhio

    Very nice looking light other than a scuff mark in my bezel. Easy to use electronic switch as opposed to the more common mechanical tail switch. Compact design.
    I see the price of this went up about 15% since I bought it. It's hard to see in the pictures, but in each of the ridges where you would grip this, the metal is actually hollow. This makes the flat part where you hold your hand more of a blade that could cut your palm or fingers if the light were jarred or otherwise slid in your hand.
    At the original price I paid for this, it was a great deal. A tremendous amount of light from a package not much bigger than the four 18650 batteries inside it.However, given the possibility of cutting your hand, the 15% price hike, and the slightly lower light output of other lights, this starts to lose appeal.Instead of this, you might want to consider the UltraFire L-6XL2 light as it has one more emitter, uses XM-L2 LED's which is a generation newer than this, is almost exactly the same price now, and is driven at 2800mA instead of 2300mA (*if* you can trust the specs, which unfortunately is a big if.)
  • Very nice torch, I love it

    posted by apsheronets

    — Small and handy.
    — Very bright for its size.
    — Zooming lens is a very, VERY useful stuff. You'll like it.
    — AAA adapter makes it omnivorous. I use my NiMH AAA batteries to power it, because I'm too lazy to buy 18650.
    — 3 modes is enought for everyone! Fast strobe mode + throw lens position make a great tool to annoy your neighbors.
    — Has a clear beam spot.
    — Nice build quality. I dropped it on concrete in first day — no catastrophic failures, just a hardly visible scratch on the case.
    I used this flashlight just for a few days, but there are no any reviews yet, so I publish my own.
    Very nice as an universal everyday torch. It even better than I expected.
  • Small and powerfull

    posted by corbiealen

    It is small, compact and easy to use.Very bright and probably the best one.Price is four star concerning lack of battery and a charger.
    Would like to have another one :)Have also bought rubber Universal Adjustable Bicycle Mount for Flashlights which fits perfectly.
    Very sattisfied with the product and with FREE delivery all the way to Serbia.(which most people don't know where it is on the map)
  • Very bright, affordable price

    posted by paradoxy2k

    Very bright. Can work with only one 18650, but not recommended. Good value for price.Works at least 2 hour on max power with fully charged 4x18650.Have wide center spot, good for distance about 50-100 m.
    Strap is low quality, but not necessary to have.Shipped in bulk box. Comes with spare O-ring.Seams to be robust and quality.Batteries are in parallel connection.
    Overall great value for price, would recommend and buy again.


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