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2w led bulbs

These cool 2w led bulbs are high quality and at affordable prices. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. Customers who purchased 2w led bulbs also viewed 1157 led bulb, cree led bulbs. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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2w led bulbs Customers Reviews

  • pretty small size, but SUPER BRIGHT!

    posted by bphan90

    very bright led. the light output is a pure white, id say... between 4600k and 5000k
    it lights up my interior very well.
    its so bright.. that i cant even stare at it.
    the first day i got it installed, i got a headache...
    these leds are SMALL!! the led may look kinda big due to the picture.. but i assure it is no bigger than a quarter!
    great leds, bright, hopefully good quality cause it looks like its from japan based on the writing.
    i used for my trunk and dome light.
    i purchased 5 to get the bulb rate of about 3.50 per LED!!!
    great deal for budget led conversion.
  • Nice finish, nice color temperature

    posted by zizkaj1

    At only 2W power consumption excellent light power. Ideal for dark corridors as permanent light source. Full power instantly after switch on. It glows similar way as usual fluorescent tube - no visible spots inside. Color temperature a bit colder than 2700K fluorescent bulb. Probably one of best LED bulbs I've ever bought - I will try to find similar with more power to fit them to more of our lamps.
    Not sure about lifetime, I use only for few days.
    Ideal as dimmed light source, i. e. for watching TV etc., not as main light source.
  • Works as expected

    posted by realbriguy

    For the price, you can't go wrong with these if you need a red LED. Bright, low power draw, and a decent spread. I have these mounted in rear parking lights. They're about as bright as the original incandescent bulbs.
    Good for the money, works as it should. Bright, low power consumption, deep red colour. Would definitely consider buying again.
  • Works exactly as supposed to

    posted by zzcat

    Fits perfectly into the lamp bayonet, bright and consumes much less power than standard tungsten lamp. It is not getting hot, so safe to use.
    I bought it to replace a standard internal lamp in my Volkswagen Polo. Replacement is very easy. Now I am getting the same amount of brightness as a standard lamp, but with much less energy consumption.
    I recommend this item. Just make sure that you are ordering a lamp of a correct size, otherwise it will be either loose or will not fit the bayonet at all.
  • Excellent alternative to Halogen G4 10-20watts

    posted by ANGESALA

    These cheap corn bulb work as well as more expensive ones I bought and replace perfectly the original Halogen
    You can just take the old lamps from their spot lights and replace it with these. You should change the transformer that powers the halogens with a current stabilized LED driver but if you don't want to do it you should just leave at least one of the old halogen in place and the LEDs will work like a charm
    Just dump the (almost) all the old halogen and use these: at 95% less power required to drive it looks like a great deal to me

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