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2m lightning cable

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2m lightning cable Customers Reviews

  • Works perfectly for charging/sync

    posted by kengsim

    Works for both charging and data syncing. The braided cable looks to be very high quality and the joints (where the cable meets the plastic connectors) look to be pretty sturdy.
    I'd highly recommend this cable, but I wish they had it in shorter lengths, so it won't be so pricey. Personally, a 1.5ft length cable would be sufficient; even a 1ft cable would suffice.
    If you're looking for a Lightning cable for your iPad mini or iPhone 5, do consider getting this as it will do its job pretty well. I've gotten burnt buying cables from eBay where the PC wouldn't recognize the iPhone or it will say "Charging not supported via this accessory" due to the sub-standard quality of the cable. No such problem with this one.
  • Perfect for hotels

    posted by QuackingPlums

    Everybody knows the unwritten rule of hotels: the distance from your bedside table to the nearest power socket is the length of an iPhone charge cable plus 3 inches. Well, with this cable I will no longer have to put up with charging my phone on the hotel room floor. Haha, in your face hotel owners!
    I did buy SKU 179580 previously, which had a badly fitting lightning connector and didn't work with my standard Apply USB charger.
    Does the job. Would have been nice if it were a little cheaper, but I've been looking for a long charger cable for my iPhone 5 for a while, and this one works.
  • Fancy colour, usual quality

    posted by neverhood-fandango

    - Fancy color - not so boring as standard white apple cables, tired of them;- Looks fresh - well, because of the color.
    The price is a bit high for such quality. I would say 2.5 is enough for this cable.
    If you just need a fancy replacement cable for your iPhone 5 - it's your choice. Not so boring as a standanrd cable, but not so good in form of quality.

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