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2800mah battery

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2800mah battery Customers Reviews

  • A good battery

    posted by Darkblade48

    I bought this battery because of the good reviews that I saw, and I was not disappointed.Unlike some batteries, this one is rated at 2800 mAh, and actually measured just under (~2780) mAh, which is quite a nice surprise. The resistance in each cell was not too far off either, making this a fairly good battery.Surprisingly, the battery came with the Dean's T connector, and not just split wires, so that was a nice addition.
    If you use something other than Dean's T connectors, you will need to replace the connector that comes with this battery.
    A good battery that actually has the same current capacity as advertised. A nice addition to anyone that is interested in the RC hobby.
  • Excellent quality, perfect fit, good battery duration

    posted by glosada

    The quality of the product is up to par with what you would expect. It has an excellent finish, perfect fit for the phone, and very easy to use information. It has an excellent finish, very pleasant to have at hand.
    Just put it when you are in need for extra juice on your phone, and take it out when its charged again
    THis is an excellent option for when you need extra juice in your phone. Just put it when you are in need for extra juice on your phone, and take it out when its charged again
  • Works pretty well (at least hasn't exploded yet)

    posted by lavino

    Works like a charm. Battery really holds more charge than original. I have been using this battery alone charge everyday (even it is only 10 ~ 20% used). Battery is still holding charge well. You can definitely feel it last longer than the original battery. Probably not 2X but may be 1.5X. The fat body actually makes holding the phone sideway feel a lot better.
    Whoever designed the fat case should put more thought into it. Like making it can convert to a stand so you can put your phone on the desk and watch a movie or something. Or maybe some slot to put an extra sd card or attachment for zoom lenses etc.
    Love the battery. Didn't like the look at first but hey I got pass that. I will never go back to the original battery anymore. If this battery dies I will get another one. It cost < $20 to replace this one and I see original battery is going for like $70 USD. I laughed at those poor souls buying a jacked up price replacement battery whereas this one works perfectly fine on mine.
  • keep your batteris charged always

    posted by tberraz

    with this device you can always have spare batteries for your wii remote.Easy to use, just plug and play to any usb port.No custom fees in Argentina.
    to solve the problem that had always used batteries in controls and save much time, as I have always lit.
    is recommended for all persons who have a Nintendo Wii, regardless of the number of remote to be.
  • Works with originals and clones

    posted by hutoi

    Saves on batteries.
    I have Wii U and three clone controllers and one original (two of the clones from DX, one from other online store). It is surprising to notice that the clones consume a lot more battery than the original one. With clones 60-90 minutes of play time is too much, with the original playtime is hours, don't even know how long.
    At least for original controller and WiiU the playtime is long enough. Clones seem to consume more than would be usefull. Don´t know why, I have not noticed this with non-rechargeable batteries.

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