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26650 3.7v

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26650 3.7v Customers Reviews

  • Probably the best choice in terms of price / quality

    posted by ShamanSol

    Real capacity of 4500 mA. Protection works at 6 A.At this point, in my opinion, the best batteries in terms of price / quality. The best models have 18 650 3100, 3400 mA, with cost twice as much.
    While manufacturers do not aggressively use the 26650 batteries, the specific capacitance of the latter will be low. Therefore, the actual capacity of 4500 mA these batteries are currently the best deal on the market.I bought for use in high-power flashlight Trastfire J18. However, if the latter is overclocked, the integrated payment protection can be a challenge. Then it is necessary to look towards the IMR
    Worth taking!
  • Excellent Product

    posted by LHBI

    Battery capacity is as written (purchased for my friend and it's confirmed by his measurements). They are protected so it's not possible to overcharge them (tested).
    Product Ecellent !!!! Indian buying this product .....
    Nothing !!!!!! I do not have anything else to talk about this product!!!
  • very happy

    posted by baharmic

    for now every thing is perfect.got it, used it,enjoying it.
    I am not sure about the capacity, but I don't really care. the price is so good that even if it is half of 6000 I will be happy/I got it for my 13000lm flash light. Just notice that these are fatter than the 18650 ones. so my charger can charge only two at a time and not four.
    I am happy. they should be ok for about 40min on my extreme strong flashlight, so I have already ordered 12 more batteries.
  • GTL Rechargeable 3.7V 26650

    posted by christianm

    Good quality, good processing. PCB work. Fast delivery. Delivers current up to 8-9 A without problems, then turns off the PCB. The price is low
    For the price they are ok, but unfortunately there is also very little alternative.
    you can buy without hesitation if you are satisfied with the low capacity. The price is cheap and the quality is good
  • PCB protection or not? Conflicting reports.

    posted by wiscott

    Seems to have PCB protection, which is supported by the photographs presented but not listed in the description of the battery.
    DX needs to figure out the truth.
    The online description of the battery indicates that the battery is not PCB protected. However - the third photograph for the part shows the words "Short circuit, overcharge, and discharge protection. PCB life is about 1o years." I see the same words on the batteries that I received today.I think this might be a protected battery.


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