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250 lumen led flashlight

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250 lumen led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Fine product

    posted by tuukkas

    - Lamp produces brigth white light
    - It is powerfull enough for on road cycling
    - The quality of work is good
    - Fitting of the components is precise and operation is smooth
    - The beam is well suited to cycling - the lamp produce both diffuse light and bright beam which is brigth enough to see details of the road when riding in higher speed
    - The lamp is easy to draw into universal handlebar mount
    - Lamp is lightweight and fits well in your pocket
    - reasonable energy consumption - 2500mAh 18650 lasts over 3,5 hours
    I bought this one for commute biking and it's quite good for this purpose. It produces enough ligt, is small enough to put in pocket after commuting
    and is easily fitted in the universal handlebar mount. Only problem is with the switch in off-road conditions (such as riding in snowy trakcs in winter) - the switch is too sensitive for vibrations. It doesn't bother in normal flashlight use.
    Good and well made flashlight wich gives ultimate lightpower for it's size. Easy to use. Powerconsumption is reasonable.
  • WICKED Crown, Great light

    posted by Plutonix

    * Assault crown is very wicked looking and very sharp
    * Irregular pattern makes it look like a medieval weapon
    * Bright well built light
    * second bezel/crown is a plus
    * Great size
    * Actually signals SOS instead of SO-SO-SO
    * CLicky is slightly recessed with a cutaway to protect it from accidentally turning it on.
    The smooth crown (bezel, really) can be attached up or down, no way to tell which is intended. Unlike the assault crown, the bezel can be snugged down tightly. It has some slight indentations to hook into it with a small point like a paper clip (careful not to scratch the lens!)
    The assault crown makes an irregular throw pattern, but you have to expect that.
    The wicked crown is neat, but would be better if it snugged down. Thread locker might work. You will need to find a sheath because it cant really be carried with the crown.
  • Fantastic

    posted by mangiant

    Quite smallVery bright compared to anything from a retail store.Single modeSeems to be quite well built.Protected 18650 cell fits fine.
    I ordered this along with SKU 57007. This is almost as bright at less than half the cost, and its a smaller size. The 5-mode button of 57007 is terrible, I much prefer the simple single click. I haven't tested battery life yet. I have no problems fitting a protected 18650 inside.
    This light is fantastic. The size and price are hard to beat. I'll be ordering several more.
  • 148 grams of pure light power

    posted by DDawg

    1. Well designed with a nod both to beauty and funtionality.
    2.Excellent build. with great attention to detail
    3. Superior finish
    4.Bright in the extreme
    The finish on this flashlight is destined to become the bench mark for all others in the future. It is the darkest most velvety black I have ever seen on anodized aluminum. The build is remarkable in its workmanship and attention to detail. For example all threaded surfaces are all completely anodized and the rear surface of the battery tube has been turned flat a mirror like finish. This permits the use of tail piece lock out. As for being bright!! It is difficult to describe how bright - but -
    the hot spot is about as bright as my Auora 900 lumen flashlight The umbra which surrounds is as bright as and is about the same diameter as the hot spot of of my Ultrafire WF 606A indeed the its low level output's hot spot is still slightly brighter than that of the 606A.
    A flashlight which exceeds all expectations at a price "we" can afford. I would whole heartedly recommend it to both collector and to the user alike. It truly is a very unique piece.
  • excellent flash-light , ideal correlation valuable

    posted by djidai

    this is my first flash-light such a level, has bought him on advice of the friend, very pleased !!!
    recommend, reasonable correlation price quality, all join on rubber laying. together with this has bought SKU 20392 & SKU 13820!!!
    in hand very suitable, sensations expensive belongings big price/
    little has distressed that no memories that is to say chosen mode of the light is thrown after switching off and under repeated cut-in torch shines hi/
    but this not mortally, earring for fastening on belt ?????? qualitative and beautifully fixes the flash-light on belt. for more soft move of the thread has swabbed all join by lubrificant si-180 (??-180)
    this is russian lubrificant with warm-up cut -60 +180
    excellent flash-light, I very pleased its buying


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