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250 lumen led flashlight

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250 lumen led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Best flashlight ever owned

    posted by Dud4s

    -Great construction, very solid;-Very easy to use, only on/off, no annoying flashing and SOS modes;-More than one our of light;Amazingly bright, no one believes how strong it is;-Great for hunting, fishing, cycling, treking, walking.....
    Used it with;- Charger: http://www.dealextreme.com/accounts/invoice.dx#sku.936- Batteries:http://www.dealextreme.com/accounts/invoice.dx#sku.5790http://www.dealextreme.com/accounts/invoice.dx#sku.20392
    The best light I've had so far, i use it always in my pocket!
  • Very good product

    posted by speedy9

    Very bright
    Very compact
    Good build quality
    Universal, can use 1 x 18650 or 2xCR123 batteries.
    Long run time (~45 min - measured)
    I use it at home and for my bicycle as ahead light, paired with SKU31871. It fits nicely.
    Illuminates the road much better than the standard light in my bicycle.
    I never use other modes than Hi > Mid > Lo
    I use it also as emergency light at home. There are quite often blackouts in the countryside where I live and it's really useful in such cases. I put it into the small vase to illuminate the ceiling in my living room (25 sq m) and it gives enough light to play a board game :)
  • Surprizingly Good

    posted by JackinMelb

    Firstly a confession, I ordered the wrong batteries, so I tried it with 2 x cr125's. Awesome! Tested next to my rechargeable Maglight, it produced about 50% more light when the Maglight's beam was focused to the same angle. And this one is only rated @ 250 lm. Can't wait for the 900lm to be delivered! All this for about $10.
    It would be perfect with an adjustable beam. More useful for search, police etc if there were coloured lenses or cones available.
    This torch does EVERYTHING claimed well. Very useable beam, nice flood overflow. Low is about the same as my mini maglight. Full power is enough to burn your retinas & strobe would disorient an attacker or be seen from a search aircraft
  • Unbelievable Throw

    posted by chasm98

    I received this torchlight 3 days ago. It has such an unbelievable throw. Tried it from the ground floor of my condo and it lit up like daylight up till the 25th storey.The assault crown will be useful for my line of job as a personal protection officer. Quality is superb and no doubt it is built from a tough material.
    It would be better if the assault crown could be a little bit shorter and add on a blinking mode.
    Buy it buy it buy it....you just have to own this awkward looking torch (in a good way)
  • Small thrower in disguise.

    posted by isotco

    - Plenty bright using a single 18650 (11500 lux @ 1 meter @ 3.83 volt).
    - The coating is very nicely done and it really is Type 3 (HA III).
    - The S/S assault crown is pretty sharp.
    - O-rings everywhere and double O-rings at battery tube, it is waterproof.
    - Good throw due to smooth reflector.
    Throws really well and looks nice.
    The bezel is a bit sharp, might wanna be careful about that.
    I can't get the reflector out of the flashlights head so a future emitter upgrade might be hard.
    It is pretty good at what it does, although it would have benefited from a OP reflector.

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