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2400mah rechargeable battery

Welcome to our 2400mah rechargeable battery online shop. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Browse the products from 18650 rechargeable battery, or some other related Pages like 5v rechargeable battery. With your support, we can do better.
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2400mah rechargeable battery Customers Reviews

  • Not quite meet expectations

    posted by monk83

    The pros can give only the price, unfortunately, nothing more.
    As a backup, emergency battery can be useful, but not as a substitute for the original index. The workmanship is fine, but only externally. Inside, there are probably quite weak links.
  • Died after some time.

    posted by novidyahere

    Very cheap and it shows around 8 hours life, but mine didn't work properly.
    Would have been amazing if it did it worked like it was supposed to do. I still think it's a great deal even if isn't working like it meant to but 3:30 hours for that price is worth it.
    I wish it would show the correct time, it just dies without warning.
  • Great AND rechargable!

    posted by kronin24

    I don't really know what you could write as pros for batteries besides the fact that they are not that expensive, that they are rechargable and that they have great battery life and for the rest do exactly what the site tells you they do.
    Like stated in the ''pros'' section; they are not that expensive, they are rechargable and that they have great battery life
    I guess they don't have that many products that they can be used for outside of products bought on this site. For the rest, Great batteries.
  • Worth it!

    posted by Azarmsguy87

    Inexpensive does not mean cheap. For the batteries and charger, it is a great deal. Came partially charged whichever as nice because my flashlight came in same shipment. Needed to test it before I did anything else, worked great and provided a massive amount of light.
    Decent quality for the money though there are higher Mah batteries out there, this set is great. Will be buying another set, as well as buying some of the same batteries separately to have a rotating stock.
    Worth a shot, provides almost the full amount of power needed for my ultrafire torch.


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