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2400lm led white

Check out the great 2400lm led white to see if there is any that suits you. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. People who browse 2400lm led white also browse 12v white led and white led lamp. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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2400lm led white Customers Reviews

  • Datasheet Link

    posted by mp3ver

    Very bright LED
    Drill-Holes fit old Pentiom CPU-Cooler with 40mm fan
    Works wirth many laptop power-supplies (e.g. 19V, 3A), only simple Current Source needs to be added (1 N-Channel Power MOSFET, 1 NPN Transistor, 2 Resistors)
    i will try this LED as a light-source for an old DLP-Beamer. 2000 lumens would be nice to get.
    get the datasheet here:
  • Good price/quality ratio

    posted by 16kl23tni

    It really seems to be waterproof and seems quite sturdy overall, so you do not need to handle it with redicilous care :). The self-adhesive is also surprisingly good quality, worked nicely at below zero Celsius on a dirty surface.The light power is better than expected.
    Cuttability is definitely a great feature. I managed to repair a damaged strip (power connected with wrong polarity) by cutting only the first 3 LEDs off.Color temp is a bit of coldish, seems almost light blue.
    Would (and also did) buy another one, this is good.
  • Used to replace 100W halogen in ceiling fan

    posted by AussieArnie

    Good light colour, excellent light output (more than the 100W halogen I replaced), works well with 42746 driver.
    I used this LED to replace a 100W tube halogen light in a ceiling fan - I have uploaded some photos. It gives more light output and less heat, but I was (and am still) a little nervous about the heat dissipation. Mounted the LED on the maximum size aluminum sheet that could be accommodated, and made sure there was god thermal conductivity between that and the body of the fan (removed paint and used heatsink compound). Temperature at the edge of the LED metal plate gets to around 60 deg C - should be OK. Time will tell.
    Nice replacement for the 100W halogen - more light and less heat.
  • Really pleased

    posted by GraemeEvans

    Uniform brightness + color temp. Good adhesive, simple to fit, easy to solder. Just about the brightest strip in lumens per meter for warm white on DX. Lumen rating 2400 probably about right.
    48w is 4A on 12v - if you're going to run the whole strip. Many mains 12v adapters are only 1-2A. for more than 5m consider powering in sections.Soldering tip: don't just cut down the cut line in the tape, instead cut 1-2mm each side of it so that you just clip the copper pads. Then a blob of solder will easily bridge one section to the next.
    Top quality LED strip, good LED consistency. Consider a dimmer unit depending on your needs. I used 2m behind bed headboard for an nice indirect bedside light alternative. Worked well but glad to have a dimmer as full brightness is enough to sit in bed and read by, but can dial down a bit if you want to set the mood!
  • Bright light

    posted by tiagomesser

    Produces a quite a bright light. Comes with a adhesive back (although it does not stick very well in wood). Not expensive (bought it for 15 USD when it was on 50% discount sale).
    Used in the bottom of my kitchen counter top and it produces a very good impression and light. It is very thin and short fitting very well in a small trench in the wood.
    Bright light, thin and short strip, it fits in a small trench. Good product, spite of some not working LEDs at arrival.

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