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24 led light bulbs

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This is our best 24 led light bulbs, they all share a great design and great prices. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. You can also browse e27 led light bulb, red led light bulbs. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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24 led light bulbs Customers Reviews

  • So bad that it is sold out

    posted by noe557

    It works!!! The bulb is so small. It is also bright enough, I expect it to be less bright. I bought it to replace some halogen bulbs I had. The saving on energy bill is brutal; from 20 w (the old halogen lamps) to 1.5 w (this lamp). Another pro is that it has a shine white light. I do not think it is blueish when shine alone, but if it shines together with another warm bulb... well... the warm could be seen as an strong yellow, and the white light a little blueish. Funciona!!! La bombilla es muy pequeña. Brilla bastante, me esperaba que diera menos luz. La compré para reemplazar unas bombillas halógenas que tenía. El ahorro de energía es brutal; de 20 w (las bombillas halógenas) a 1.5w (esta led nueva). Otra ventaja es que da una luz brillante muy blanca. No me parece que tenga mucha tonalidad azul, pero si la pones al lado de una bombilla de luz cálida...bueno, la cálida realmente parece muy muy amarilla, y la fría un pelín azul.
    As I said before, I would buy more. But I can't. It has not cristal in it, just a kind of transparent rubber, I think it is a pro, cause it makes more difficult for the bulb to broke in case it is dropped... But someone might think it is a con.Como dije antes, compraría más. Pero no se puede. Otra cosa es que no llevan cristal sino una especie de goma transparente. Creo que es una ventaja porque si se te cae la bombilla es difícil que se rompa. Pero alguien pudiera verlo como una desventaja.
    I would buy it again, but I can't.Lo volvería a comprar, si pudiera.
  • Good G4 bulb, great white light.

    posted by nadia123

    These bulb are not made of glass but silicon, this is much better because they won't break if it falls. The bulb are getting hot, but not very much wich is very normal. I like the white light, they light up my living room very good and are bright. All of the 16 pieces worked perfectly.
    I like the design of the bulb. They are not big and give a beautiful white light.
    Price for 5 pieces is very cheap. In stores they are almost 2/3 euro a piece, so this is a bargain.
  • 12V Spot replacement white warm blueish

    posted by Pudrik

    The product was probably intended for cars but it works fine as replacement in spotlights where you have 12v halogen bulbs without reflector that can be exchanged.
    Looks kinda cheap but so does all other led products without bulb package, dont know if the "lens" effekt does much differance
    Good suited to replace normal 12v halo spots or car for that matter, less power = smaller electrical bill
  • Very Bright & Very White

    posted by mrbigaxe

    Very bright.
    Very white.
    They seem well made and durable... still working after 9 months.
    They come with multiple connectors to fit many bulb sockets.
    They are 1/4 the price of a lesser product sold locally.
    I replaced both very dim sock dome lights on my Toyota FJ Cruiser. They were pretty easy to install and made an enormous difference. They are brighter than the more expensive ones you see at the normal auto parts places in the US.
    If you want dome lights that are much brighter than stock, get these. You will not beat the price.
  • OK replacement for halogen bulbs

    posted by kohai

    This G4 replacement LED bulb has an fairly correct colour temperature according to the description. But it is not quite "warm white" compared to a halogen bulb.
    It seems eems relatively well built compared to other brands. Fits nicely into standard G4 socket (down-light)
    The light flow more is even due to the number of LEDs.
    I did buy three for testing, and have not experienced flickering. Maybe my transformator is better than the swedish guy's. For the litte difference in coour temperature, see uploaded photos from me.
    G4 replacement LED that goes well with other light sources, but is a littel to white alone. I use it for decoration lightning and over the kitchen benchø. I measured 1456 mA at 12V, and that would give 1,74W power consumption. If it gives 1,2W light, there will be 0,54 W in heat.

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