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24 led bulb

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24 led bulb Customers Reviews

  • Good replacement for desk lamp

    posted by drac666666

    Bright, daylight colour temperature, halogen replacement. Fills my desk with a nice light that is easy on the eyes. Bought this to replace a similar LED panel that had 9 larger SMD LEDs and consumed 2W. The previous one had 6 of the 9 SMD LEDs burn out in less than a week.Also, suprisingly cheap. I the LEDs start failing, it wouldn't be a catastrophe.
    Removing "energy vampires" in the office and house has become a bit of an obsession to me. You need to combine this LED panel with a *switching* power supply as a replacement for that 24h/day 2W consuming wall wart, or your energy savings will be rather pointless.
    Happy with the purchase and the price. Just hope the SMD LEDs don't start failing one after the other. Time will tell, but you can't fault it at this price.
  • Bright! Color is perfect

    posted by crazyrog17

    This LED board floods my car with light. This is a good thing, it is the only interior light in my car. Though it is smaller than I'd anticipated, it fits well into the housing. The color temperature is great. I've been buying plug and play LEDs for years now and this is the best BIN I've ever had.
    Festoon base had to be taken apart, adjusted and reassembled before installation. One of the wires wasn't making contact. (Why I docked one star on quality)
    If you're thinking of an LED dome light, there is none better here.
  • Very bright

    posted by fb2010

    This device provides a lot of light (like a 100 W incandescent bulb). Really, I have replaced a 150 w halogen. It looks and feels nice, with a good heat spreader. It fits in a R7S (short linear halogen bulb) with any problem. The light is white, very clear also overall spectrum is quite acceptable.
    nothing special
    Good price, no expensive, good device and very bright ligth. I'm happy with this purchase.
  • nice floodlight

    posted by speedfreak1o1

    nice floodlight, it replaces a ~40watt light, compared to a 125-150watt halogen light it replaces, so it is barly noticable when both are lit at same time when used as a outdoor floodlight together.if used in a room or other confined area as ceeling light it is good light sorce, but on the typical blueish led'colur.light is made with metal parts for cooling(the silver parts in pictures). feels verry solid, and fits sockets perfectly.
    light output of led shuld be atleast 20watt to fully replace the halogenbulb.solution is to use more light fittings to get good outdoor flood light.shuld been done with another type of brighter led's instead of the regular 50x50 led's.
    bit blue-led light, dont fully replace the halogen lightbulb.will give huge power savings 150 watt to 5 - 20 watts.it is a bit expensive if need 4 to replace one halogen as also need 3 more light fittings.
  • wide bright light

    posted by mf2forever

    very good led, cheap enough, very bright wide light. ease of use. no additional circuit to light it on.
    nice little thing to light up. you can make you own creation with this led. little power to consume.
    this is simple led light you need for your creation, simple design, bright wide light and little power.still working well...i put in one ups battery 12 volts 7 ampere, and it last about 3 days nonstop

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